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At once in one's exact location; right then and there. Apr 26, 2020 - Explore smart girl ..'s board "Urdu words" on Pinterest. 2 of 10. "Valuable centrally located urban land", Point : نقطہ Nuqta : a geometric element that has position but no extension. Arabic pronunciation in English, Urdu, Hindi, Bangla. Sarkari Result. See more ideas about Urdu words, Urdu words with meaning, Words. Copyright © 2021 Darsaal All Rights Reserved. Here presents Famous Muslim Girls Names for the newborn girls. SiteMap. Catch : پکڑلینا Pakar Lyna : discover or come upon accidentally, suddenly, or unexpectedly; catch somebody doing something or in a certain state. "There is a special cleaner for these surfaces". 10 of 10. sports Urdu News Live Today - Read latest online sports Urdu news updates & watch live breaking sports news updates in Urdu. We hope this page has helped you understand Spot in detail, if you find any mistake on this page, please keep in mind that no human being can be perfect. How to use spot-on in a sentence. young female human. See more. Musharraf Meaning. Spot Pass : a pass to a designated spot on the field; the receiver should arrive at that spot the same time the ball does. 1. The lucky number of Leena name is 9 and also find similar names. Jan 22, 2021. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Frills in Urdu is گوٹ, and in roman we write it Got. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Spot but also gives extensive definition in English language. What kind of parenting style will … Islamic Name Meanings - Girls Names. We ve compiled a list of the most cringeworthy words in the english language to try and determine what makes these words so … Many cultures believe that a girl’s name is a critical milestone that dictates certain paths they will take in life. Urdu language boasts of some of the most beautiful words that you will ever hear. More than 300 million in Pakistan and India alone speak Urdu. Vernal Young Youthful : جوان Jawan : suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh. Here is an extensive list of names with their meaning. We handpicked a few Urdu words with meaning for you which are just like shayaris! ", Surface : سطح Satha : the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary. The baby girls name should be meaningful. Spot-on definition is - exactly correct. The definitions of the word Girly has been described here with maximum details, and also fined different synonyms for the word Girly, like . See more ideas about urdu words, urdu words with meaning, words. "You don`t deserve to be respected", Sight : نظر Nazar : a range of mental vision. Twitter. دھبہ Dhabba داغ Dagh آلودہ کرنا Aaluda Karna : Blot Daub Slur Smear Smirch Smudge Spot : (noun) a blemish made by dirt. Information about Shirin. لڑکی { noun feminine } young female person. 7 of 10. Spot Meaning Urdu Translate Kya Matlab Mane answer the question, "What is the Meaning of - Meaning in Urdu Mean Means Matlab manay کیا مطلب ہے Kaya matalab he hai kya کیا بتاو batava hayam kasa Kayavam Kavanasa Join Us On: Facebook. British slang for "well done", "perfect" or "right on," see also bang on Urdu is also the national language of Pakistan. Categories: General If you want to know how to say spot in Urdu, you will find the translation here. Sport; Weather; Radio; Arts; فہرست; BBC Urdu News Navigation Sections. "The farming regions of France", Esteem Regard Respect : عزت Izzat : the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded). by All Sikhs (2015) The 2015 Sarbat Khalsa was the largest gathering of Sikhs in history on 10th November 2015. "Catch it", Characteristic Feature : خصوصیت Khasosiyat : a prominent attribute or aspect of something. If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to quit my job on the spot. See more. Nayyirah is an Arabic name for girls that means “radiant”, “brilliant”, “full of light” and figuratively “beautiful”. On The Spot Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of On The Spot in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. This page includes pronunciation, urdu meanings and examples IPA: /ɡɝl/, gɜːl, gɝl, /ɡɜːl/; Gender: feminine; Type: noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; Laraib Name Meaning In Urdu Girl Name لاریب Youtube Names With Meaning Muslim Baby Names Baby Names And Meanings from Aug 16, 2020 - Adiba name meaning in urdu | top girl names | name urdu by adeel Cringe urdu meaning find the correct meaning of cringe in urdu it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from english to urdu. on the spot 1. girl in Urdu translation and definition "girl", English-Urdu Dictionary online. داغدار کرنا Daghdar Karna دھبہ ڈالنا Dhabba Daalna دھبہ Dhabba : Blob Blot Fleck Spot : (verb) make a spot or mark onto. Find Leena multiple name meanings and name pronunciation in English, Arabic and Urdu. Information and translations of simping in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Urdu language, member of the Indo-Aryan group within the Indo-European family of languages. This name is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Nov 24, 2018 - Popular and Modern Muslim Girls names with meanings. Urdu is an official language of six states of India. Urdu Dictionary. The pregnancy is the perfect time to begin researching that special name and considering how you want to raise your child. 2. English is the universal language. You can find translation in Urdu and Roman Urdu that is Uryaan Loondiyai Nangi for the word Girly. Get translation of the word Spot in Urdu and Roman Urdu. Today I will tell you top 5 Urdu to English dictionaries, so you could check the meaning of nay words quickly in 5 seconds. For this reason we would advise you consult a local Imam for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. 2. But most of the people in Pakistan Adult Female Woman : عورت Aurat : an adult female person (as opposed to a man). Urdu definition is - an Indo-Aryan language that has the same colloquial basis as standard Hindi, is an official language of Pakistan, and is widely used by Muslims in urban areas of India. "A woman is made to be respected". Spot-on definition is - exactly correct. See more ideas about urdu words, urdu words with meaning, words. Government Jobs. So right this way for 31 Arabic baby girl names and their meanings, courtesy of How to use spot-on in a sentence. The definition of Spot is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. 2 : something sublime or exalted. Nayara Name Meaning In Urdu (Girl Name نیرہ). See comprehensive translation options on! Girly meaning in Urdu has been searched 11812 (eleven thousand eight hundred and twelve) times till Sep 06, 2020. Home. You can find Urdu meaning of any name and Urdu translation of the names. Hence the name of a Muslim is of such a nature that by the mere mention of it, the listener understands that the person so addressed, is a Muslim. Spot-on in all languages. Aaliyah: exalted/sublime. Aaban name of the angel 2. The Islamic Glossary: An Explanation of Names, Terms and ... Shehr bano Name Meaning - Shehr bano Meaning & Definition ... What is mani in urdu.

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