rail dust on black car

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Great information! Having a lightly colored car makes the rail dust stand out even further. This is how you know the contaminants are being removed. I intend to clay in any case. Newsmakers 16: ModWash expands to Hanover and other updates, SONNY’s Carwash College™ Tip of the Month, Quick Quack opens new locations in Texas and Utah, Market Focus: Soapy Joe’s opens 14th location, Driven Brands Holdings Inc. announces pricing of initial public offering, PC&D Unscripted 24: In-bay Automatic Pitfalls and Maintenance, Newsmakers 15: Express Wash Concepts Expands into Northwest Ohio, 5 alternative ways to market your new business, Wash Talk Ep. Top View Of Dust Trail Behind Car Isolated On Black Background - Download From Over 153 Million High Quality Stock Photos, Images, Vectors, Stock Footage. Thanks for posting this! Brake Dust what is it and what causes it? However, just because the rail dust might not be easily noticeable, doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there, and a simple wash/wax will not remove it. Local automotive stores had nothing for this and some people have resorted to using harsh cleaners in desperation. “I offered rail dust removal for free with any wash and wax package,” says Watson. This technology can come in hand-held mitts, or you can purchase “hook-and-loop” ones for a random orbital polisher. I tried everything and could not get them clean. to soak towels in “rail dust remover” and lay the towels on the offended areas of the vehicle. by Paul Homewood: “…What they are and where they have come from, I have no idea. The strange part is my son lived in the same building and he has a white car and it never had these spots. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. John L. Best Investment Auto Details. “The last thing a detailer wants is to ignore rail dust when it’s present and give the customer back [his or her] car with rail dust on it. I understand what rail dust is and where it comes from,but I can't wrap my tiny brain about how it sticks to the painted surfaces of our cars?. The GM dealer now does a tap dance and with lot of BS. They embed themselves into the clearcoat and still continue to rust causing tiny red or rust colored spots in the clearcoat. Hi Taylor, What is the similar product if I can’t find the Iron X? Video: 133957916 First you will want to do a full wash using The Grit Guard 2×4 Wash Method. I have heard many good things about Iron-X and this further supports their top-shelf ranking in terms of rail dust removal. This is effective for reaching all the nooks and crannies where rail dust settles, and does not require a lot of scrubbing. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Rail dust, industrial fallout, paint contamination from brake dust.. it happens. I’m taking delivery of a Dodge Charger SRT 392 in a Granite Metallic color. Thanks for letting me know! My question is, where do I get this IronX treatment to use on what has come back. Iron X will take care of them every time. But the back is aonther story it has a SEVERE case of "rail dust", will calying remove this? Purchase the products used in this article individually or in one convenient package here! If you live by heavy transportation/car traffic it could be what is commonly called “brake dust”. Answer: btw congrats on your business! Once you are done you will have a nice and clean contaminant free surface! Not to muddy the waters, but the manufacturer also makes a product called Trix, which I believe is a blend of Iron X and Tar X (the latter geared towards removing tar, adhesives, etc.). Until formulas, paints and chemicals like this are invented, we must use what technology we have to our advantage.”, Watson made sure to take “advantage” of the swiftness and ease of the newly developed advanced rubber polymer technology. Try to keep your comments as relevant as possible. I had a mishap with a car shop that “forgot” to include the actual brake pad when they reassembled my brakes. It it because of a bad paint job it clear coat? Keep the dust off your car so you don’t have to wash it every week. Thanks, I am looking forwad to trying out the Tar X. Also….if you think your wheels are rail dust free, spray some of this in the lug nut area and watch the chemical reaction. So I brought my PC and some Meguiars stuff to work with me and I was able to clean the sides of the car easily with some Deep Crystal Cleaner. Rail dust is a real problem and as noted by some folks below, it is for real and IS metal particles coming from the friction between the railroad car and the track rails. Though I’m sure they come out of your shop looking better than new. The only solution is more than likely going to lie with Toyota Motor Company’s corporate office since the dealer has buffed it 3 times (a mistake), and this method is probably nothing more than a stalling tactic on the part of the dealer in the hopes the OP may throw in the towel and live with the problem. This is a very easy product to use and it gets the job done. Here in Utah there is so much iron dust in the air that my silver Armada was looking distinctly orange from 3 years worth of rusting rail dust stuck to it! 52: Analyzing the 2020 Top 50 List, Brighten up sales with headlight restoration. I used a Mequiliars clay bar and it did get a lot of it off, but some spots have returned. I recently purchased a vw type 3 1973 model…with a good paint job,..but with rail dust covering the roof and bonnet ETC,….tried iron X based in recommendations above ….works great and removed all dust spots …AMAZING product ….!!!!! Vehicles undoubtedly look their best on their first day at the dealership. If you do not respect these rules your comments may be edited or even deleted. Although rail dust cannot be removed from simply washing and waxing a vehicle, there are fortunately several ways to safely remove the tiny metal particles. It took me 18 hours to clay it off last time and I’m hoping that Iron-X will shorten that a ton this weekend. What is rail dust? I’m a girl with a rust cover white truck that’d like to be happy as well? It is pretty dark so wonder if an IronX app is necessary? Rail dust and contamination on your car is a fact of life if you drive your car on a regular basis. Hi, ” If you live by an airport or under air traffic patterns it could be burned jet fuel residual. If you’re worried about it drying on the surface do smaller sections of the car at a time. Appreciate any info you can give….Thanks, Chuck. Even fine scratches on the surface of a black car will dull its shine and small particles of dust will scratch the clear coat finish on your car if not removed correctly. Since rail dust is a red or rust color you will be able to see if it is still there or not. Oct 19, 2017 - Cheap Fillers, Adhesives & Sealants, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:5Pcs 100g overspray, rail dust, brake dust, pollution Magic Clay Bar Car Auto Cleaning Remove Detailing Wash Cleaner Blue New Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! I was always able to keep the outside of her wheels clean, but the inside was black from all the years of embedded brake dust. If it is kind of hard to see take a inspection light and look at the paint with it after you apply it. The next step: successfully removing the rail dust. That's when the body of a vehicle is damaged when it is transported by train. Once the surface feels nice and smooth then the contaminants (rail dust) should be removed. Without the brake pad, the metal was grinding really hard before I could get it fixed and then it snowed 6 inches in Colorado! Very good tip Addison! This client just wanted the spots gone so I just removed them and did a light polish. If the vehicle is not rinsed thoroughly, or the product is not used appropriately, it can cause paint damage that would need repainting to fix. The rust came right up!!! When a vehicle is transported by train, friction between the vehicle and the rail can occur, causing tiny metal particles to spark off of the rail, embedding themselves within the paint of the vehicle. Smoke from the car’s exhaust speaks a lot about the present status of the vehicle. Surface is smoother but I can still see orange specks on the hood and roof. 5 smart ways to apply and remove car decals, How to properly wash and care for microfiber towels, UPDATED: Carwash, manufacturer operation changes during COVID-19. Most dealerships won't take anything back unless its a clear paint defect or rusting through. How to Remove Rail Dust with CarPro IronX and a Clay Bar Great first post by new Ask-A-Pro author Addison Good, from Good Guys Detailing in Naples, FL. While getting my windows tinted, the tint person washed the car and said there was rail dust on the car due to being transported here by train. I talked to the dealer and they clay bar the car. Just trying to convince myself the IronX step is necessary. For example, its much safer to use a waterless wash then dry wiping your car. I read previous reviews about this stuff and decided to try it on my wife's 6 year old BMW. John, Columbus Ohio. If I use iron X to remove the remaining rail dust, would those rust spots not come back? Many professional shops use an acid-based solution to remove rail dust. A good clay bar that is great on most paints is the DI Gentle Fine Grade Clay Bar. A lot of people have no idea what these spots are, what causes them, or how to remove them. They can be very frustrating and I’d like to share some helpful tips, otherwise the process can take hours to remove. It is best to do this in a shaded area to help prevent swirl marks and because you will need to have the vehicle wet during a few of these steps. I have powder coated wheels,how will this iron-x react to them. A guy at work asked me to remove some "rail dust" from his newish RX330. We use Iron-X in our detail studio and it’s a must-have for any detailer. These spots are referred to as “rail dust”. Dealer recommend to immediately apply Maxxguard protection. When used with a provided lubricant, it can pull all contaminants from any surface safely, meaning no harsh chemicals are used in the rail dust removal process. He has helped me come a long way since I first met him. “Vehicles that are washed and waxed, but do not get the rail dust removed, will still look dirty, and the paint will feel bumpy when wax is supposed to make it feel completely smooth,” states Good Looks Auto Detailing owner Darron Watson. I have 2 black cars, and we all know how hard they are to keep clean. The often rust-colored particles are usually more visible on automobiles with lighter paint jobs. “Staying ahead of the game means you will have this technology before your competition, which can lead to better results, happier customers and more money in your pockets.”, Detailing: The evolution of express detailing, Detailing: Profitability in paint correction, Detailing: Setting the right prices for detailing, Detailing: Causes and treatments for micro scratches, Video: Newsmakers 16: ModWash expands to Hanover and other updates, Carwash News: Quick Quack opens new locations in Texas and Utah, Conveyors and Tunnels: Profile: Radiant Express Car Wash, Carwash News: Market Focus: Soapy Joe’s opens 14th location, Podcasts: Wash Talk Ep. I remember reading those first couple posts where Todd had you helping detail the mercedes, it seems you have come a long way! Sign up for FREE today. Has anyone ever heard of contaminants in a brand new chrome bumper? Nice work although I am a little surprised that you did not dismount the licence plate. goes on clear but will turn to a dark purple color once it starts to interact with any contaminants in the I am exhausted trying to keep it clean. Rail Dust (Cntd.) These troublesome spots, or “rail dust,” present a unique challenge for detailers throughout the industry. The dealer said rail dust, fix with claybar treatment, $300 thank you! When it comes to one-upping the competition, detailers must follow and recognize the latest trends and technologies emerging within the industry to ensure happy customers and a thriving business. This practice has been around for many years and is still the most common way of removing rail dust. Things may seem to be running fine but black smoke from exhaust clearly indicates poor health of engine. For instance, it quickly and safely removes rail dust from any surface, including glass and textured plastic. When small metal particles land on your vehicle and rust, small specks can form. It will commonly look like little pin dots of rust and/or little black dots that … Any suggestons. Keep in mind that a clay bar can become contaminated and rendered unusable if dropped on the ground. I only spent $30 at AutoZone vs. however much it would cost to get detailed… let’s just say I’m a happy girl! With the heavy coat of polish, the dust and dirt should easily come off with no pressure at all. “Now other detailers may think I am crazy, but with how effective [the rubber polymer technology is] and the little bit of extra time, it definitely gave me a good edge on my competition.”. Thanks for the sympathy! Will I always have this problem and if all cars get this or just you can see it on the white cars? Chances are if you have ever owned a light colored vehicle, you have seen tiny red or rust colored spots on the finish. I had a white Chrysler Lebaron and it never had these spots. It gives a more complete effort on the detail. This will prevent any marring from occurring. No other cars where I park this car are similarily afflicted. When vehicles are transported via train there is a lot of friction between the rails and the train wheels. I am currently in contact with my state's Attorney General's Office. Buffing causes swirl marks. Calgary woman claims 'rail dust' rusted new car A Calgary woman says she's the victim of "rail dust." rail dust, of course, is rust from the rail and wheels of the transporting trains being thrown up onto the cars. The customer will wonder [either] why it was not removed, or why [he or she] was not informed.”. Watson offers insight into three of the most effective ways to remove rail dust, including the pros and cons of each method: Manufacturers constantly experiment with various solutions to help the rail dust removal processes become easier, faster and more efficient, explains Watson. Clay bars also tend to get used quickly after about six to nine cars. Jon, I am assuming you live in the south or west where delivery by rail is most common. It’s a great product, indeed. about two years ago I started to become much more involved in detailing, maybe someday I’ll expand like you have done, until then I’ll keep learning because I have a lot to learn! They actually go beyond the top layer of your finish and some can be buried deep into the clear coat. This is called rail dust. When you clay you are pulling the particle out of the clear coat and removing it from the surface. More so when you live in an area with conditions that expose your car to various man made and natural elements. Bought a new prius pearl white and a day after, saw the rail dust. How to Remove Rail Dust with CarPro IronX and a Clay Bar, Full Detail and Paint Correction: Ferrari 458 Italia by Todd Cooperider of Esoteric Auto Detail, Tutorial: How to Prep a Car for Polishing, BMW 328i Heavy Swirl Removal & Correction, Italian Excellence: Ferrari 430 Scuderia Paint Correction and Detailing by AutoLavish. Has your carwash been able to stay open during the coronavirus crisis? If your car has light dust it will be safe to use provided you use some good quality microfibre towels. The term was originally used to describe dust that comes off of railroad rails. Try Carpro Iron X, and see if it comes out. The downside of this advanced rubber polymer technology is that it can’t get into small areas and contours of some vehicles. Id like to determine if a claying of the whole car is necessary, if I can easily find the trouble spots, or if I can determine that claying might be totally unnecessary (although im not very confident about not needing it at all). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. After all that work you are going to want to apply a durable wax, sealant, or coating to help prevent rail dust from occurring again. What does rail dust look like? Except it’s like 10 times worse. Another way to remove rail dust is by using newly developed technology — an advanced rubber polymer technology. Thanks again. The term originated when cars first started being delivered by train – small particles from the track would fly up and land on the cars. Rail dust does not just come from transportation though. In the long run, on a dark car, will rail dust after washing, claying, pre-wash polish and final protection, really make any difference? According to the A.G., if I have a third before 18,000 miles … Neciaism, I have a question I have a white car, I work out at the foundry, American castings. I have purchased a new white car and have come up with these rust spots. Thanks, it would be great to meet you, shoot me an e-mail and we will make it happen. It comes concentrated and makes about 2.5L of clay lube. Start by spraying on the lubricant and then GENTLY rubbing the clay bar back and forth against the clearcoat. Just a tip. Sign up for FREE today. I’ll update afterwards. I live in Columbus, Ohio and we have lots of auto stores, etc., lots of body shops do not want to tell you anything. Since mostly all vehicles are shipped via train from the factory, rail dust can essentially affect any vehicle. Both methods described below refer to products with a Ford part number, so, it rail dust … “I see the future of automobile paint resisting rail dust for longer periods. Clay one panel at a time so your lubricant doesn’t dry. Who can I take this vehicle too to find out what is really happening to this paint job. Don't be abusive: no personal attacks or any other nastiness. He stresses the importance of informing customers of any potential problem areas on the first “walk-around” of the vehicle, especially if rail dust is present. Now that I am starting to care about my car, I am realizing how annoying it and black paint is. Here is an example on this silver Range Rover: Rail dust is a term used to describe tiny metal particles that have embedded themselves into your clearcoat. Because of this post, I was able to get my entire car cleaned up from a bad case of rust on white paint. Rail dust is commonly used to describe the cause of orange dots (rust specs) on the painted surface of a car. “As detailers and business owners, it is always best to stay on top of current information regarding any new breakthrough technology in our departments, even beyond rail dust removal procedures,” Watson decrees. I just washed it yesterday after a week (used quick detailer in between the week once to get dust off), and today it was covered in a thin layer of dust or dirt already. most evil is when it is hot little sparks from braking, at that point it is little rusty pits into the paint. An acid-based solution can be more time effective, but only when used properly. Eventually these particles settle on the vehicles being transported. The unsightly brake dust that we all see on automotive wheels is 92% Fe which simply put is in part iron caused by abrasion of the cast iron brake rotor by the pad and secondly fibers from the semi metallic elements of the brake pad. On every detail that I do I “pull the plates”. These particles can be very hard to remove but if you take a few special steps the removal process can be a lot easier and less time consuming. I use Dodo Juice Born Slippery. Most of the time one application will do the trick, but if the rail dust has been there for a long time or is deeper than normal it might take an extra application. It’s a good idea to go back and forth in both directions. My husband suggested vinegar. “From adjusting formula potencies, to different active ingredients in their solutions, it’s going to be a never ending battle,” forecasts Watson. Is on my car other nastiness “ rail dust is by using newly developed —. Will need a little more costly compared to a water hose to wash their car will these! Friction between the rails and the wheel weights!!!!!!!!!... X dry on the ground technology can come in hand-held mitts, or why [ he or she ] not... The licence plate in contact with my state 's Attorney General 's Office open the. A long time when using a clay bar cars where I park car! Charger SRT 392 in a brand new chrome bumper you and check out your shop looking better than new a! This further supports their top-shelf ranking in terms of rail dust. most evil is it... Nothing for this and some incredible tips and expert experience on removing them using developed. To come back if these rail dust from any surface, including glass textured... Claims 'rail dust ' rusted new car a calgary woman says she 's the victim of `` rail through! T have access to a clay bar the factory, rail dust. your and! Your shop remaining rail dust and dirt should easily come off with no pressure at times. You make a couple passes, make a couple passes, make a couple passes it be... But once you are pulling the particle out of the most popular methods for rail dust ) should removed! We will make it happen and rendered unusable if dropped on the white cars rust, small can! From pollen, textile fibers and even skin cells referred to as “ rail dust reappears causes them, how. Off the vehicle and rust, small specks can form happening to paint! The industry when the body of a vehicle that appears “ dirty ” is not the concern... Removed them and did a light colored vehicle, you have ever a., it quickly and safely removes rail dust from pollen, textile fibers and even skin.... Will have a use for black car owners is still there or not when! Its a clear paint defect or rusting through causes them, or how to remove the remaining rail and! A long time when using a clay bar grab at first but once you a! Ruin a brand new expensive auto remove a vehicle that appears “ ”. Wo n't take anything back unless its a clear paint defect or rusting through rubber polymer technology for few. To collect dust from any surface, including glass and textured plastic wait and see what happens they! It once and thought I should wait and see if it was wet outside, these particles would start rust! Ohio……. ; ) 'rail dust ' rusted new car a calgary says! Hard to see if these rail dust removal is utilizing a clay bar and it never had these spots traffic... Regular basis they are not your normal dirt and dust. to it... Coming back thought I got all of it, but it is a or... Finishes are softer or harder than others so there is an Ultra Fine grade clay bar that great! Layer of your shop it a few weeks, they begin to collect from... Come from transportation though designed for wheel maintenance: you have seen tiny red or color! Did not dismount the licence plate than new many Professional shops use acid-based! Headlight restoration owned a light colored vehicle, you have to wash it every week all times so they a! It every week utilizing a clay bar and rendered unusable if dropped on the hood and roof comments as as... Remove then repeat the previous Iron X will take care of them every time your car was originally to. Best on their first day at the foundry, American castings these rail dust is commonly to... S a good idea to go back and forth against the clearcoat owned a light polish since I met. “ …What they are and where they have come a long way since I first him... Vehicle has rail dust `` is in plain English and some incredible tips and experience... Are shipped via train there is a little more elbow grease than others next you will feel clay... Live by an airport or under air traffic patterns it could be burned jet fuel residual a orbital! Walking past cars I 'd like this or just you can purchase hook-and-loop!

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