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The back cover photo, depicting the band members having breakfast while reading their respective hometown newspapers, was taken at a diner called Bert's Mad House. A&M offers a High Definition Blu-ray Disc of the album. Breakfast in America" is the title track from Supertramp's 1979 album of the same name. [10] Melody Maker journalist Harry Doherty offered a third take on the duo's interactions during the album sessions: "In three days with the band, I don't think I saw Davies and Hodgson converse once, other than to exchange courteous greetings."[7]. [8], In order to avoid spending a lot of time on mixing, the band and their production team devoted a week to experimenting with different sound setups until they found the perfect arrangement. The theory goes that the masons were behind the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center, and that they have left the clue about the event on the album art of Breakfast in America. In the UK, "The Logical Song" and the title track were both top 10 hits, the only two the group had in their native country.[5]. [8] Billboard writer David Farrell felt that other than Davies' lead vocal the song sounds like a Queen song. It was recorded in 1978 at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles. This title is a cover of Breakfast In America as made famous by Supertramp. [6] The album also hit No. The image depicts Kate Murtagh, dressed as a waitress named "Libby" from a diner, as a Statue of Liberty figure holding up a glass of orange juice on a small plate in one hand (in place of the torch on the Statue), and a foldable restaurant menu in the other hand, on which 'Breakfast in America' is written. A plump, maniacally grinning, and very American waitress stands in for the Statue of Liberty, her back turned to a New York skyline constructed of kitchen utensils, egg cartons, and condiment holders. Breakfast in America 18 BREAKFAST IN AMERICA Supertramp A&M, 1979 Designer: Mike Doud Photographer: Aaron Rapoport. [2] Rob Sheffield, writing in The Rolling Stone Album Guide (2004), also felt that its "nice moments" were the highlights, including "the jolly 'Take the Long Way Home,' the adjectively crazed 'Logical Song,' [and] 'Goodbye Stranger. In June 1990, MFSL re-released a remaster on Ultradisc™ 24 KT Gold CD from their "Original Master Recording" Collection.[23]. After the lyrical part, the song goes into a long solo played on the grand piano alongside the original melody on the Wurlitzer. A super deluxe edition, which was released on 6 December 2010, includes the 2-disc deluxe edition CD, vinyl LP, poster, DVD, hardcover book, and other memorabilia. The reissue was supervised by Bill Levenson with art direction by Vartan and design by Mike Diehl, with production coordination by Beth Stempel. The lyrics were originally more bleak, but under pressure from the other band members, Davies rewrote them to be more optimistic and commercially appealing. At first glance one would think so, but as editor of I must tell you that this album cover was the first record I ever purchased back in 1980 along with a 2nd album that had also visually grabbed me. Czech, Cupid's Chokehold Once, I had another video of this song. Breakfast in America is the sixth studio album by the English rock band Supertramp, released by A&M Records on 29 March 1979. 207 in the all-time greatest rock and pop albums,[52] and it was voted the 69th-greatest British rock album of all time in a 2006 Classic Rock industry poll. Supertramp's members have all insisted that the repeated references to US culture are purely coincidental and that no such thematic satire was intended. Hodgson commented later: "We chose the title because it was a fun title. Every culture, every corner of America (and the world), every household, every individual defines breakfast differently [21] Breakfast in America would become Supertramp's most popular album. 10) and "Breakfast in America" (No. '"[17] William Pinfold of Record Collector considered the album "a classic example of flawlessly-played and -produced late 70s transatlantic soft rock". Winner of the 1980 Grammy Award for Best Recording Package, this cheeky and detailed cover makes breakfast out of America, namely NYC. Tempo: variable (around 144 BPM) In the same key as the original: Cm This song ends without fade out Duration: 02:40 - Preview at: 01:10. Roger Hodgson's management has described "The Logical Song", "Breakfast in America", "Take the Long Way Home", "Lord Is It Mine" and "Child of Vision" as 'Roger's songs';[11] however, this apparently does not mean he necessarily wrote them by himself, for Hodgson has credited Davies with writing the vocal harmony on "The Logical Song". People often ask: “What dishes are the most popular?” It was covered by Bremer Kaffeehaus Orchester, FourPlay String Quartet, Top of the Pops, Born Crain and other artists. I could be putting down his way of thinking and he could be challenging my way of seeing life [...] Our ways of life are so different, but I love him. The view featured on the front cover resembles that from an airplane over New York City. English, Stupid's Stronghold/Reckless in America Their original concept was for an album of songs about the relationship and conflicting ideals between Davies and Hodgson themselves, to be titled Hello Stranger. The effort proved to be wasted, as the engineering team would end up spending more than two extremely stressful months searching for the right mix, and were only finished after that length of time because the deadline had arrived, not because they felt at all satisfied with the results. [10] He also said there is a slight possibility that he subconsciously had Rick Davies in mind while writing the lyrics.[10]. he members of Supertramp didn't appear on their album covers, says keyboardist Rick Davies, because "we wanted to be around a long time, and we didn't want people watching us getting older. Pick-up and Delivery from BIA 2. The track fades out with a short saxophone solo by John Helliwell. [22] Sputnikmusic's Tyler Fisher said that its singles are mostly the highlights because of their "catchy hooks", and found the ballads "absolutely terrible". written by Rick Davies, Roger Hodgson Mirror Image of Super Tramp’s Breakfast in America and 9-11 Coincidence? [7] Hodgson has described the misconception as a parallel to how Crime of the Century (1974) is often misinterpreted as being a concept album. Breakfast in America won the 1980 Grammy Award for Best Recording Package, defeating albums by Talking Heads and Led Zeppelin, among others. written by unknown author(s) [24][25], In the 1987 edition of The World Critics List, music critic Joel Whitburn ranked Breakfast in America the fourth-greatest album of all time. [8] The second were eight-track demos recorded at Southcombe Studios in Burbank, California during late April and early May 1978. A deluxe edition was released on 4 October 2010, including a second disc with songs recorded live in 1979, in particular songs not appearing on the live album Paris. 43 in the "100 Greatest Albums of All Time". The cover has no promo writing or stamp either. It was designed by Mike Doud and Mick Haggerty. Breakfast In America cover, I'm seeing Margo Martindale. His beliefs are a challenge to mine and my beliefs are a challenge to his. "[8] Hodgson contested this, saying that he and Davies had increasingly different lifestyles, and that he felt that Davies disliked many of his songs and only kept quiet about his displeasure because he sensed that he would be voted down. "Breakfast in America" is the title track from Supertramp's 1979 album of the same name. All songs credited to Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson. 6), "Goodbye Stranger" (No. Greatest Album Covers Music Album Covers Music Albums Julian Casablancas Paul Mccartney Lp Vinyl Vinyl Records Radios Progressive Rock. On May 17, 2018, MFSL re-released a remaster on hybrid SACD. Billboard hit singles: "The Logical Song" (No. March 1979, Breakfast in America 1 on Billboard Pop Albums Chart for six weeks, until 30 June 1979. referencing Breakfast In America, LP, Album, Promo, Mon, SP-3708 Have a copy of this album with the exact matrix runouts but does not have the Promotional wording on the album. Roger Hodgson has said that the song was written to be an equivalent to "Gone Hollywood", looking at how Americans live, though he confessed that he had only a limited familiarity with US culture at the time of writing. The back cover photo, depicting the band members having breakfast while reading their respective hometown newspapers, was taken at a diner called Bert's Mad House. Hodgson and Davies had a specific disagreement over the first line in the song: "Take a look at my girlfriend, she's the only one I got." The album's front cover resembles an overlook of Manhattan through an aeroplane window. It's been years since I've listened to this album, probably all the way back when Paul Thomas Anderson was using some of their songs in Magnolia. Breakfast In America - Supertramp - MP3 instrumental karaoke. The background featured the city of Manhattan made from a cornflake box, ashtray, cutlery (for the wharfs), pancake syrup bottles, egg crates, salt and pepper shakers, coffee mugs, ketchup and mustard bottles, etc., all spray-painted white. English. 1 in Norway, Austria, Spain, Canada, Australia and France. Each song was credited to a single musician on the inner sleeve, but on the central vinyl label was printed "Words and Music by Roger Hodgson & Rick Davies", combining the two and confusing the issue of composition credit. written by J. John Jackson The album went on to sell in excess of eleven million copies but would certainly have gone onto to be one of the most iconic album covers despite this. Breakfast in America (deutsch: Frühstück in Amerika) ist das sechste Studioalbum der britischen Pop-/Rockband Supertramp und der Name eines Liedes dieses im März 1979 veröffentlichten Albums. It spawned four U.S. Professional quality. This High Definition Blu-ray Disc is playable in all Blu-ray Disc players. According to the fellow in the video below, which was influenced by a post on a David Icke conspiracy forum, the Masons were behind the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. Breakfast In America chords Supertramp 1979 (Breakfast In America) Capo III Am G Take a look at my girlfriend F She's the only one I got Am G Not much of a girlfriend F I never seem to get a The album went through two rounds of demos. 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There are many conspiracy theories about the 9/11 event, but the one including Supertramp’s album art of Breakfast in America, which was released in 1979, may be the most interesting.. Although their previous records had some popular success, they never even hinted at the massive sales of Breakfast in America. [8] Davies has referred to "The five songs that I did on Breakfast",[7] but has not specified which ones. Updated Hours Below. On the back cover, Kate-as-Libby serves the members of Supertramp, literally, breakfast in America. The sarcastic humor of "Breakfast in America" starts with the striking cover image, which is seen as if through an airplane window. The Breakfast In America album was very different from Supertramp's previous albums, which were more conceptual and elaborate.Breakfast was designed to have pop appeal, which is why they included this song that Hodgson had written eight years earlier. With Breakfast in America, Supertramp had a genuine blockbuster hit, topping the charts for four weeks in the U.S. and selling millions of copies worldwide; by the 1990s, the album had sold over 18 million units across the world. Enjoy it! But today, when I put on this album, I was starstruck. BIA and Craig Carlson in the NY Post. Supertramp's 1979 album Breakfast in America is at the centre of one of the most bizarre 9/11 conspiracy theories yet. Credited to Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, it was a top-ten hit in the UK and a live version of the song reached No. Latest News. Listed below are the respective writers. Breakfast in America is highlighted in travel books such as "The Lonely Planet" and "Frommers." Wie beim Vorgängeralbum Even in the Quietest Moments , das 1977 erschien, agierte die Gruppe bei der Aufnahme des Albums in ihrem klassischen Lineup zum vierten Mal in der Bandkarriere. Try it free! instrumental, Ty jsi tam, já jsem tu Saved by CK. [7], "Gone Hollywood" is the opening track of Breakfast in America. The song Breakfast in America was written by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson and was first released by Supertramp in 1979. That contrast is what makes the world go 'round and what makes Supertramp go 'round. 15), "Take the Long Way Home" (No. Now, here's just the instrumental piano. It contains the album in three different sound formats: 2-Channel PCM 24bit/96 kHz, 2 Channel DTS-Master Audio 24bit/96 kHz and 2-Channel Dolby True-HD 24bit/96 kHz. The back cover design of the album is also interesting, showing the band sitting in a diner with each one reading a local English or Scottish newspaper from his respective area. [9], "Child of Vision" is the closing track. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1979 Vinyl release of Breakfast In America on Discogs. Yep. Actress on album cover is 97 and still rockin'. It was in recording these demos that the band worked out the backing track arrangements for all the songs (with the exception of "Take the Long Way Home") and determined the order in which they would appear on the album. It was also covered by Bremer Kaffeehaus Orchester, FourPlay String Quartet, Top of the Pops, Born Crain and other artists. SecondHandSongs is building the most comprehensive source of cover song information. [14] Colin Larkin, writing in the Encyclopedia of Popular Music (2006), said that the "faultless" album "elevated" Supertramp to "rock's first division". Supertramp originally released Breakfast in America written by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson and Supertramp released it on the album Breakfast in America in 1979. English, Breakfast in America Critical reception [14] "The Logical Song" won the 1979 Ivor Novello Award for "Best Song Musically and Lyrically". It was No. In 2000 it was voted No. "[7] Due to the title and the explicit satirising of American culture in the cover and three of the songs ("Gone Hollywood", "Breakfast in America" and "Child of Vision"), many listeners interpreted the album as a satire of the United States.

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