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She is truly a breeze to drive, even for the newest of beginners. They also don't have to deal with the massive amounts of moisture or heavy seas like boats do. Overall Cruisers makes a nice boat. Learn more about a red-hot market and how the boat you want fits into it here. Carver Voyager 530 with Volvo 122's/610HP. That’s why I stated that there’s no excuse for poor FB work. It just doesn't make sense and tells me as it did Rommer, the QA is lacking. Blew, there's really nothing wrong w/ balsa when it's done properly. Smoking also, the nicotine can stain headliners and things like that, but that’s all boats. So far they always do ultimately step up to the plate. { This size is getting to be too much for gasoline engines. I have plenty of room in my engine room to work on everything down there. Moody Yachts has a proud history and its Bill Dixon designs take you back to an age when British boatbuilders were dominant in the yacht cruising scene. Our knowledge of the Cruisers Yachts construction, performance, mechanical and electrical systems will help minimize risk and save you time and money. amazon_ad_logo="hide"; } amazon_ad_height="90"; Learn more about a red-hot market and how the boat you want fits into it here. When my Sea Ray boat's DVD player stops working Sea Ray (and dealer)gets the heat. Absolutely love it. Cruisers apparently enjoys a respectable reputation. { Obviously were talking about a boat here. Have you ever wondered what brands and models are the most popular bluewater cruising boats? We spoke to four brokers who have Cruisers Yachts express cruisers listed on, and here’s what they had to say about everything from inventory levels, to engine type, to the value of soft goods, and more. if (document.selecter6.select6.options[document.selecter6.select6.selectedIndex].value != "none") There’s no better way to cruise the world’s oceans than aboard a motor cruiser or yacht. It makes no sense to me that a Hyundai parked in a lot at Hatteras for a week and not started for that same period starts right up when you get back in it after a fishing trip. location = document.selecter1.select1.options[document.selecter1.select1.selectedIndex].value Find the perfect Cruisers Yacht model for your west coast cruising lifestyle. ... 2000 Cruisers 3575 Esprit Yacht 2000 Cruisers 3575 Esprit Yacht. You have to rip up carpeting and get a bleach solution and start wiping things down. You will get a wide variety of answers. Local disk jockey/talk show host has one of those for sale here, never used it. How can anyone not think that a boat is complex? A REGAL??? It’s not real estate so it does not necessarily go up in value but the key thing here is that the values leveled off—it’s kind of flattened out and it’s really never been a better time to buy a boat. We compile data from our boat tests archive on five of the best big bowriders. Cruisers Express Yachts have a strong following that has created immense popularity and of course great resale values! It’s very strong and its popularity has changed. What sets this 4270 Express apart is that it has two separate staterooms and two separate heads and the mid cabin appears to be larger due to the layout. Galati Yacht Sales is an authorized New Cruisers Yachts dealers and has been since 1983. But once the shell becomes a complete product, it’s ridiculously complex. amazon_color_border="206BA2"; All manufactures will put out a dud once in awhile. The marina where I boat out of myself last year and this year for the first time in probably 20 years the Marina has been 100 percent full.”. { } This one has a hydraulic swim platform, which a lot of people have been drawn to as well. More like an RV, but still in a much more harsh environment. Cruisers Yachts is a long-established yacht builder in the boating world. { I haven't heard anything bad about Cruisers around my marina. It has two full state rooms and two full heads for an express style boat it's got quite a living area belowdecks. It seems like “abalmuth” knows more about my personal life than I do. Well kept clean inside out on this boat. I had a 2003 3372 prior to my current boat. I think they are a great looking boat. FL. Boats. The truth of it is. We spoke to four brokers who have Cruisers Yachts express cruisers listed on, and here’s what they had to say about everything from inventory levels, to engine type, to the value of soft goods, and more. Built on a traditional modified-V hull with a 10-foot beam, her open-plan interior—with its wraparound rear seating, full-service galley, and crescent-shaped dinette—is a model of space-efficient design. With this Cruisers in particular, I have found that potential buyers like the layout because it is quite a bit different than the other manufacturers that have models that are comparable. Learn More. Stock purchased the company and renamed it Cruisers Yachts. Serving San Diego, Oceanside, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, California, Canada and Mexico. The aft-cabin-type boats and motoryachts don’t seem to be as popular. amazon_color_logo="FFFFFF"; Not sure I want to go in that direction (a balsa core hull that is), so I'm still looking around. Nowadays, it is one of the few survivors – Moody was rescued by the Hanse Group and in recent years has carved its own niche of deck saloon cruisers. This yacht has many upgrades with the current owner sparring no expense. We highlight the very best bluewater sailing yacht designs for every type ... designed Sun Odyssey range has a solid reputation as family production cruisers. These guys make a nice product and experienced people know that so they come looking for these boats. I can’t let this go David. amazon_ad_title="Hunting and Fishing"; //--> What is the reputation of Cruisers Yachts, particularly the 405, 405 , 415 boats? We're on the St. Lawrence River and that makes the boats that I broker in high demand. ... loom for 20,000 UK cruisers. He bought it, got sick and put it up for sale the following year, $445k OUCH! But you still get some experienced people in this market. Cruisers Yachts is a brand of pleasure boats owned by KCS International.The company builds boats ranging from 38 feet - 60 feet, and is headquartered in Oconto, Wisconsin.Most models in the 2009 lineup are offered with both gasoline and diesel engine options, and the company was one of the first boat builders to utilize the Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system. } I know 4 different people with that boat and all of their DVD players croaked in the first summer. Boats. function go2() Brokerage Listings Powered by BoatQuest.comClick to see listings of Cruisers Yachts Yachts currently for sale on Read our used boat review of a Cruisers Yachts 420 Sport Coupe on, Click here for Cruisers Yachts’s contact information and index of articles. Well, it’s been a while since I have posted to a thread on BoaterEd. Cruisers Yachts - - Rated 4.5 based on 10 Reviews "We have a 2006 370 that we love!" Every time I turn around he has another big issue. Very good quality. In the 1990’s Oconto native, K.C. Cruisers Express Yachts have a strong following that has created immense popularity and of course great resale values! Offered By: Edwards Yacht Sales. amazon_ad_logo="hide"; amazon_ad_link_target="new"; Remsberg, DUDE! amazon_color_link="206BA2"; I receive numerous phone calls based upon the fact that someone is looking at listings online and they see that there are five boats for sale and four of them are salt water and one of them is in fresh water. amazon_color_logo="FFFFFF"; if (document.selecter2.select2.options[document.selecter2.select2.selectedIndex].value != "none") Today, Cruisers Yachts is a premier brand of modern luxurious American-made yachts ranging in size from 31-60 feet. Cruisers Yachts - - Rated 4.5 based on 23 Reviews "We have a 2006 370 that we love!" amazon_ad_tag="boatfixnet-20"; Some people love Caterpillars and some people love Volvos and there was a Mercruiser gas-engine option in that boat as well, so when you see this boat, the diesels can add $20,000 to $30,000 in value to the price depending on hours of course.”, “The express-boat market is probably one of the strongest markets out there right now. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I am in the early stages of shopping for a coastal cruiser. While no one would call her plain, Cruisers’ no-frills approach to this boat preserved the builder’s reputation for quality while still keeping the price below most competitive models. I've had a 3470 Express for four years and it's been the best boat I've ever had. This boat seems a lot bigger than a 42, and I have been on boats from other manufacturers and they don’t seem as big or well appointed.”, “The market is pretty good actually. Good luck trying to sell that POS! Cruisers Yachts US$ $159,000 USD. $89,900. Explore our full line up today. Cruisers Yachts overview. A boat maufacturer and boat component manufacturers are like marriages in my view. Of course if you have got a family with kids and a dog camping out in there, it’s going to look very different from if you have a cruising couple. This Cruisers 400 Express is a magnificent yacht with a great reputation! Great for fishing with many rod holders, then cook the fish in the full galley! They share ups and downs to their mutual benefit. My 2 cents worth only. About Cruisers Yachts. amazon_ad_title="BoaterEd Store"; //--> Problems are inevitable regardless of what boats cost. I noticed your thread referencing Cruisers Yachts reputation and subsequent posts by other members. } I think somebody could jump from a 30-footer to a 45-foot boat and after a couple of days, handling is not going to be any more of a problem that it was on the previous boat. Rommer, because boats are SO DANG COMPLEX. { The best compromise I can make is that at their very “core”, the shell of fiberglass that begins the whole thing is simple. I was looking at a Cruisers myself,but learned that they use balsa core in just about all their boats. if (document.selecter3.select3.options[document.selecter3.select3.selectedIndex].value != "none") Well maintained and cared for Cruisers Yachts Esprit 3380 from 1990. Cruisers Yachts Pride comes with continuously building innovative, hand-crafted, American-made yachts. For that matter, if you spend a LITTLE money, you expect it to work. There are certain brands, however, that unquestionably stand out among the crowd. All Rights Reserved. If a manufacturer has the same problems over and over again that's something to take issue with, but isolated problems are part of the game and should be expected. From our stylish and luxurious Cantius series to our sleek and powerful outboards, you’ll never want to head back to the dock. YachtWorld currently has 345 Cruisers Yachts yachts for sale, including 91 new vessels and 254 used yachts, listed by experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships mainly in the following countries: United States, Canada, Croatia, Spain and France. } This Cruisers 400 Express is a magnificent yacht with a great reputation! Save. When I have somebody who’s looking at something in this market and I bring them on board a Cruisers like this, nine times out of 10 they are pretty impressed with the layout and the fact that it’s different than anything else they have looked at prior to this. Choosing 10 best boat manufacturers or brands is quite a chore, since there’s such a huge difference between the best fishing boats, the best cruisers, and the best daysailers. There are some nice deals out there and some nice product, so it’s a good time for this size range.”, “The engine hours are variable depending upon whether someone is an avid boater or they use the boat as a floating condo. Abalmuth, yes, perhaps not misunderstanding. Who'd want a REGAL?? I too checked them out prior to buying my 2006 - 415 Cruisers Motor Yacht. She is truly a breeze to drive, even for the newest of beginners. Headquartered in Oconto, Wisconsin, Cruisers Yachts started in 1904 as Thompson Brothers Boat Manufacturing Company and continued to be operated by the Thompson family until the mid-1970s. If you are not boating or golfing you are wasting your day. Purchased a leftover 44 express from them last season and the amount of problems he has had is incredible. amazon_color_border="206BA2"; Much different than a car. (in fact, if you exclude all coring from your consideration, you'd probably have to start looking at aluminum boats!). amazon_ad_height="90"; (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Now it appears there is some kind of known issue with the bow thruster tube leaking water into the bilge. Because the deckplan is so nice on these boats some owners use these just for a weekend getaway and they don't run them as much as others do that are more active boaters. I'm sure they're about the same as Carver, Silverton, Sea Ray etc. © 2021 Cruz Bay Publishing Inc., an Active Interest Media company. I would be interested to know where his misinformed understandings came from. amazon_color_link="206BA2"; Just the way it is. Some of the condition issues that I'm seeing the cockpit upholstery can take a beating unless it’s kept covered because of being out in the sun, especially in Florida. The brand is recognized by the marine industry for producing affordably priced, well-engineered motor yachts and family cruisers. This is a great boat for families looking to have a vessel to spend the weekend on, it's more than a dayboat! They are always interested to learn more about the freshwater boat because they typically have lower hours and less wear and tear than a boat that has been in salt. I’ll tell you things have changed in the last year so: New boats are selling more than ever. It feels a lot more separated and boaters seem to like it. I do not care for walking through the windshield to get to the bow, but that is me. { The Cruisers 3750 Motor Yacht has the reputation of being among the best in aft-cabin layouts, and when you add in the 350 Yanmar package you are going to have superior performance and handling as well. location = document.selecter5.select5.options[document.selecter5.select5.selectedIndex].value We are on our second Cruisers and could not be happier with the boat or Cruisers support & both boats were bought used- they treat us great. Once you register, your account must be unlocked by Admin. When he does poorly (the cd player won't work) he gets the blame and should carry that message back to the component guy too. } On our forum, you can meet other Cruisers Yachts Owners, discuss everything under the sun and interact with representatives from Cruisers Yachts. The 42 GLS offers a soft ride and an abundance of luxury features. This Cruisers 400 Express is a magnificent yacht with a great reputation! I bought a "boat" not a hull with a bunch of components. I have never owned a Cruiser but a friend of mine does. An express boat like this, especially with good-sized diesels like this one has, it’s a fairly quick boat for a cruiser. The Cruisers Yachts Owners Club Forum Welcome! They’re still looking for some nice amenities down below for overnighting but more and more people are asking for features that are up on the helm level of the boat. More and more people are using their boats that way, so they’re looking for more features—grills, nice enclosures, things of that sort. Today, Cruisers Yachts is part of KCS International Inc., which includes sister company Rampage Sport Fishing Yachts. I loved the 3372- great express and lots of bang for your money. The current range of Cruiser Yachts starts with the 300 Express and continues through the 520 Sports Coupe to … Aboard you'll find plenty of comfortable seating and space to entertain, warm interior accents, and all of the amenities you've come to expect from Cruisers Yachts. { }. He's spent a lot of time negotiating with Cruiser to make things right. { Yet you go out for a Saturday cruise on a calm day and decide to do it again Sunday and the damn boat you spent 10 times as much for as the car won't crank. You spend a lot of money, you expect it to work....PERIOD. } A lot of what we’re seeing here people are using both their boats a little differently than they used to. amazon_ad_width="728"; } function go3() location = document.selecter3.select3.options[document.selecter3.select3.selectedIndex].value Very roomy inside w/ lots of head room.


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