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2. Insbesondere wenn der CEO, der Vorstand oder die Geschäftsleitung wegweisende Informationen an die Mitarbeiter kommunizieren möchten, sind Town Halls eine Möglichkeit eine Nachricht persönlich zu übermitteln und gleichermaßen für Rückfragen offen zu sein. Electronic meetings are supposed to be the equivalent of regular live meetings. Wir freuen uns, Sie beim Town Hall Meeting 2018 begrüßen zu dürfen. All teachers MUST have coordination with their colleagues before we teach. But the state has a better plan. | JD2718, Post-Thanksgiving surge is over, except in New York | JD2718, A counting problem, and a real problem with counting, Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, Notes from Tom Frieden – the Virus is Winning, Puzzle: proving a quadrilateral is a parallelogram, Association of Mathematics Teachers of NY State, Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere. What is the UFT going to do if the DOE opens buildings? This is according to multiple teachers who attended the meeting. You all go above and beyond. Is there greater PPE available for us? M: I'll bring it up. Might get assigned a different school, and if she’s not in the building, might it affect her tenure? Q: Federal IEP compliance; students mandated for ICT compliance/ ratios: A: DeVos doesn’t care if your kid has an IEP. In einem normalen US-Präsidentschaftswahlkampf wären die Wählerinnen und Wähler jetzt, weniger als 50 Tage vor der Wahl, ermüdet und übersättigt von all … Q: Teacher evaluations? We got done so much. You have to put out the calendar. MAYBE, if you don’t have a full in-person schedule..  For most, it’s all one or all the other. (call dropped). The Learning Bridges, they made some adjustments but its been so frustrating. The doe was doing wink wink with the testing. There was no state plan until Oct. These constantly changes, everything gets politicized. Kindly stay on topic. We need to get the numbers down. The comment section is for discussion. But we don't want to open and then close down again. We’re getting into crunch time! Crazed at keeping kids where you live rather than where we work. ( Log Out /  I said yes. Could we be breaking the Taylor Law? The UFT is asking the council members to intervene and prevent what they call an educational disaster before the July 1 deadline. If a contact tracer has put you into quarantine, it won’t come out of your CAR. There's no playback on how to do all of this in a pandemic. We are going to help with the food, for coats, we are still figuring out how to get things done. Q: I'm up for tenure this year. Everyone is doing above and beyond keeping everything at bay. ( Log Out /  He gave our plan to the mayor who tried to make it about us. Taking care of our profession and our livelihood. We don’t have enough teachers to staff both remote and hybrid. Q: Art teacher. Accordingly, the UFT worked with the AFT and its tele-conference provider, IV Broadcast, to provide the necessary technology for the DA, just as it has for other large-scale meetings such as AFT and UFT town hall meetings. If you’re sick, it just has to come out of your days. I want to thank you all for doing such a phenomenal job keeping the schools. Mulgrew was already speaking. We’re facing a huge deficit. That’s why the prep period is at the end of the day, so we can prep wherever we need. My school with severe autism and masks might directly interfere with their disability. We scheduled strike authorization for Monday night and then there was a realization from City Hall that we were very serious. United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew stated in a UFT virtual Town Hall meeting yesterday that the COVID vaccine would be mandatory for all NYC teachers by September of 2021. 52 Broadway, New York, NY 10004. A joint meeting with the Village & regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Lima, County of Livingston and the State of New York was held at the Town Hall, 7329 East Main Street, Lima, New York, on the 7th day of September 2017 at 6:00 P.M. Notice was printed in the Mendon-Honeoye Falls-Lima Sentinel. Only school district who got through the last recession without a layoff. ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ We aren't sure what will happen but we will continue to fight for a stronger and more democratic UFT. UFT Constitution 2015; UFT Finances 2014; UFT DOE 2009-2018 Contract; Membership; Member Toolbox. Some have up to 13 locations. The two plans look ridiculous to the public. UFT Executive Board November 16, 2020--Medical Acc... UFT Resolution in Support of Black Lives Matter at... UFT Executive Board November 9, 2020--City Not Say... January Regents Canceled--What Does That Mean for Us? City will come to us to ask to give stuff back– we expect that we will. I guarantee you that all decisions are being made from independent doctors advising us. Its going to be ugly. M: Last yr the govt. Being on a camera? There is going to be a very bad winter. Halloween Treats. This will be one of our priorities in Albany. The angry one. We will discuss how these changes in energy impact your focus, patience and general well-being. UFT doing everything we can to tamp this down. We can't fight it. Got the nurses we have needed for years today. The Loud one. The situation room has been really good. He said 25% chance, and it gets worse each day that goes by without clarity. Our member assistance program is swamped. Buckle up. Some of Solidarity's leaders asked if I would like to join them in a push to bring back some democracy at UFT meetings. Nothing. ( Log Out /  Welcome and thanks. We have a teacher shortage PLUS layoffs threatened. Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña assured UFT members at a town hall meeting at union headquarters that her first priority — and the accomplishment by which she most wants to be judged — is restoring dignity and respect to the teaching profession. We need to be able to gave time to shift. July 21, 2020 Town Hall Meeting via Zoom, hosted by Mayor Sherry Raymond. It is not easy at all. As we get closer to the spring, its going to be very important to close down schools through microclosing. Mr. Mayor, you want your schools open? We want to see what can be done to accommodate for this. Our mayor seems to be ready to open schools— WE are not ready. A: Hasn’t been clear guidance even to principals now on the 13th of August. If they can’t follow the safety procedures, they have to go home. 3 is the mayor's number. Centers are so low. 3. If asked to teach during lunch, can I decline if I am not comfortable? Changes in rosters and such? We do NOT trust the DOE. This is a tough job. Town Hall Meeting Held to Examine COVID-19 Impact On Gainesville’s Minority Communities By Emma Ross. We can't forget who we are and respect each other. But we can't s control the community. For now, a friend took notes – and offered them for sharing: UFT Town Hall Meeting Minutes August 13, 2020. If anyone says that they are going to write things up, let us know. Welcome to our online registration site. Don’t want to entertain it. 53.479167-2.244194. SITEMAP. M: We may have to open our regional support centers again. Please encourage people to donate. What was acceptable pre-Covid is clearly not acceptable now. Its the right thing to do. An ICT teacher has to have access to both a general education and special education teacher. Rating the August 13 UFT Town Hall | JD2718, New York State is currently a rising COVID outlier in the United States, Post-Thanksgiving surge is over, except in New York. Is there a SPED remote teacher that can pair with a gen ed in person? When we first put our plan together, we also needed a plan in place to reopen. If principals get crazy on us, we have to push back. Q: Partner is a teacher that was granted a medical accommodation. TUC Pensioners Meeting in Manchester Town Hall. 13. When we ARE in schools we are in classrooms. Thursday, October 15, 2020 UFT Town Hall October 15, 2020 by special guest Mindy Rosier Mulgrew: Thank you for taking the time on such a beautiful day to make it on this call. We will keep everyone up to date. Parents are our allies/ families have to deal with the dilemma– do I send my child to school, can I afford my house? Say what you think and refrain from telling others what they think. We will get back to you tomorrow. We will have lots of work to do because all of the damage. Change ). The state was closing schools at a very rapid pace in their system. Can teach kids to wear masks. Q: Family member is hesitating to apply for accommodation as it is her tenure year. How are you going to blow up the doe bureaucracy and make it so that our schools are supported? Understands the anger/ fear/ anxiety. Horrors of colleagues in school districts that have no business opening. Kid might have to be put in a “save” or “isolation” room when kids are sick or being problematic in terms of safety. Parents can’t “opt back in” until Thanksgiving– can’t have too many people popping in and out of remote/ in person at random. Is there something in writing? Things will get scary and frustrating. Because these are safety reports, they must be transparent– why we can go into schools to check things out. When will we open? Ihre Ansprechpartnerin: Veronika Reichl Tel. We don't know when. We as teachers are in a difficult dilemma. MANY schools with old and poor ventilation systems. Hopefully by next September we can have a party to celebrate that we did it. Waiting until after they open up the building, and then there will be no holidays and breaks. What type of friend are you? A: I don’t believe we are going to be ready. Who likes being muted at a Town Hall anyway? 4. KNN Virtual Weekly Town Hall Meeting - Thursday - April 23, 2020 April 23, 2020 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT) Description. WHat happened in the spring was horrible, especially the religious observances. City is preparing departments for layoffs. We don’t want any of our members to face being laid off. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. A: An agreement:  (we have to train them first how to follow these new rules, IF we get to open schools; these new procedures). UFT protecting parents, students and communities. Will remote teachers with medical accommodations have a larger remote load? ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ We aren't sure what will happen but we will continue to fight for a stronger and more democratic UFT. City is going to ask for things back– we will NOT give things back, with all the new and extra work we do. (It’s not ok!). This blog does not accept paid advertisements and will not entertain free ones either. Said there wasn’t a “diagnosis” listed, even though there was. The state will continue to kove forward with testing and remote if necessary. Will schools even want to welcome this? We'll see what the mayor says and in our conversations. put put guidance that no one would be harmed because of covid. Q: I'm a CL and frustrated with class sizes that no one wants to listen. A couple of weeks ago they were higher. A:  Hasn’t even been brought up. 1. The UFT Call Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. In-service DOE members, call 212-331-6311; In-service DOE functional chapter members, call 212-331-6312; Private sector members, call 212-331-6313; Retirees, call 212-331-6314; For the UFT Welfare Fund (health benefits), call 212-539-0500 Mayor says today there WILL be a nurse in every building. (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images) Jim Watson. We have a lot to cover. When we reopen, we can't have this again. The UFT does not submit to the same bureaucracy as the DOE. The epidemiologist said that was fine, though certain districts can shut the whole city down. I really admire what you've been doing. Live streaming is not ok UNLESS teacher says it’s ok! GOAL: Little bit longer report, but still majority questions. Horrors of colleagues in school districts that have no business opening. There are no school drives right now. Kids must have access to both. We have no agreement on ANY evaluations– our contractual agreements are completely invalid in this situation. Yes,remote teachers will need to stream live for their students but will not attempt to replicate a normal school day. I will ask. We were hit the hardest. Tough problems: HEROES ACT/ stimulus package has completely imploded. From here you can browse and review our course and event offerings, register and pay for your selected courses and events, manage your account, review your registration history, make recommendations for future classes and more! The mayor and gov don't want to make that call yet. We are going to have tough years ahead of us and it comes down how the new administration works things out. Content standard in tagalog Don’t want to have teachers serving students in another building. CSA President:  This isn’t going to work. Please, be respectful to each other. The numbers will tell and right now it doesn't look good. NYC in a much different place. Our national union is in court today over our 2000 colleagues in quarantine in Florida; similar in GA. I want everyone to get thru this pandemic. I want to use today to explain what we are dealing with. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. She said the first panel focused on higher education with a presentation on state-administered loans […] All eyes on schools at all times. That's the key to everything and its going to be tough. Which forms say where we are at? Mulgrew broached the staggering of student schedules at a teachers-only virtual town hall meeting Wednesday night. Views expressed herein are solely those of the author or authors, and do not reflect views of my employers, the United Federation of Teachers, or any UFT union caucus. Jetzt haben wir doch tatsächlich die "Digitale Town Hall" mit Anton Hofreiter verpasst, zu der die Grünen kürzlich eingeladen hatten. All people, students and teachers facing the same direction– not satisfied with this answer. Let’s put it all together. Q: Whatever happened to the virtual content specialist? The city didn't want to do it this way. No, I do not believe that. If we get it pushed thru, then we negotiate with the city. A: We will have to coordinate together and have to have an extended period of training for any scenario. I want everyone to remain safe and to your families have a great Thanksgiving. Take issue when mayor says everyone will be in a POD: this isn’t something that is feasible in NYC. We are all hurting. Townhall is the leading source for conservative news, political cartoons, breaking stories, election analysis and commentary on politics and the media culture. This was agreed to. Testing ramps up in yellow. Will be compensated whenever, that’s fine. Shields might be more common than we thought; all teachers might need them. Maybe not, but we are dealing with HUMANITY. We thought it was ridiculous for the doe to ask everyone to reapply. . City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley addresses parents, teachers and students at a town hall meeting at PS 113 last Friday DOE has plenty of employees, let them deal with it, especially since Tweed members with teaching certificates can be compelled into teaching service. First, if we open, we want to use this “other avenue” for funding. Do NOT let principals split your class into IEP/ non. If you wanna change my mind, I’ll listen. Many graphs we see with high numbers are about percentage positive rates– we ARE close to the 1% daily infection rates. Live streaming lessons with students and a camera is not super effective–you can’t get much worse than that. See what makes sense. We dealt with all the steps since March: to close schools, to get remote learning up and running, we got grade fairness, we dealt with evaluations. During the fight of the lump sum we came up with legislation to push forward. There is NO way to go back into these schools safely without MUCH PPE; these parents know these students are NOT doing well in remote learning. Its a $12,500 stipend. Look how well hiding behind parents worked in March. We are thinking about how to handle people who are primary care-givers who live with people with medical conditions to be able to teach remotely. Staff have to be able to decline if they don’t feel comfortable. Don’t need and HVAC system to have proper ventilation: windows better. Q: CAR days and self-quarantining: what if you are exposed individually by someone outside the classroom or are just not feeling well? Only in July did he begin to engage. UFT Town Hall Meeting Minutes August 13, 2020. UFT protecting parents, students and communities. This workshop explores the changes in energy level that we experience and ways to become more aware of your energy levels. We are seeing the damage now, we understand this better than anyone. SOLUTION:  Push the city to do what no other school district has done, hold their feet to the fire. By special guest blogger Mindy Rosier-Rayburn. Everything is going up, unemployment,  everyone is running out food. There is no help from Washington. Now they are saying we are all ready to start. Q: Can we have a buy-out to mitigate layoffs? We don't have to go crazy trying to get a doc note especially it maybe getting crazy trying to get an appt. The state does. Taylor Law makes it illegal to strike (unless we can prove “clear and present danger” to open every school. In diff schools systems, people are  losing their jobs. We shut down about 500 schools and if contact tracing wasn't being done, they couldn't open. 100 trained people to do “Covid” visits. CAR days are in but still seeking full compensation Closed establishment means they are not paying taxes. A: If the quarantine is due to Covid, CAR days are not affected. Thank you for coming on. the calm one. Favourited: 0. When I see animosity of people going after others for what they are doing. Good meeting with CSA. City expects the state to put the whole city in orange. The world that we live in now, the way people talk about each other. We have another plan, another way to try to solve that problem. The city threshold was 3%. But that’s tomorrow. Its not where it should be. Hopefully by January. Guyanese-born Persaud, who represents the 19th Senatorial District in Brooklyn, said the meeting took place on Facebook Live. This is all much more expensive and higher volumes of PPE. Instructional lunches can help speed up their school day so we can all spend as little time as possible in the building. Must be smarter then them and do our work better than them. We are waiting for it to be official. WHERE IS THE CALENDAR?? You all heard about instances of family gatherings and it spreads. Budget: All the unions are trying to do cost saving . Town halls exist to serve everyone; from citizens to civil servants. … Everyone is hurting one way or another. If we open, we will have to figure this out. Had a surplus before but things are not looking good now without federal stimulus. 10.30.2020. May 19, 2020 Coronavirus, Government and politics. We should have only plan. Admins can visit. All eyes on schools at all times. A: Don’t know. Ihr Erstkontakt in Bayern +49 89 242107500. July 21, 2020 Town Hall Meeting via Zoom, hosted by Mayor Sherry Raymond. There's no way to do this test appropriately. M: We now have an early retirement legislature. CL will schedule meeting with uft rep and doe rep to help solve problems. Its under 350,000 students who opted in. The questions themselves were more focused on broad concerns: safety, schedules, procedures, September. We need to respect each other. A: Don’t take a leave yet! Mulgrew was already speaking. We want to be front and center helping communities out. Do we have the legal rights? NBC would do this week in education and it would be a national week of bashing teachers and the unions. nyceducator.com › 2020 › 11 › uft-town-hall-november-23-2020.html M: At the end of Dec the non-eviction notices will lift and there will be evictions across the nation. Q: With the number of children remote/ in person/ parents opting in/ opting out/ different times to opt in? Halloween Treats. Does this include us? Read the FAQ. It’s all about the evidence. File a lawsuit and wait. Whats going on with attaining tenure? Detroit Best of the Best . Teachers in GA have to use their own sick days if you are in quarantine, and if they run out of days, they lose pay. My position, no one should enter the buildings without consent forms. The UFT is supposed to be the powerful union. We can’t break that trust with them. We do not think the numbers will go down. How will info be made public? Right now, there are too many questions and not enough answers. You’re not changing passover, you’re not changing Kwanzaa, the dates are the dates. With D75 all the work you do, all the PPE, great work. United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew stated in a UFT virtual Town Hall meeting yesterday that the COVID vaccine would be mandatory for all NYC teachers by September of 2021. They go out in a rolling order. We could probably write a book on opening a school during a pandemic. And since I am working on scheduling, that is what stood … We will follow CDC guidelines. A teacher CANNOT do both remote and in person. We don’t know what home days will look like for our blended learners. What if the mayor insists we go in when it isn’t safe? It may work out that those teachers that are at home will be responsible for remote learners. Think of where we started. Q:  Paraprofessionals: how will they be impacted by how many students needs support plus contractual obligations? Join us every Thursday at 4:30 PM EST for a virtual town hall meeting with NAI Farbman! NEWSLETTER * Ja, ich habe die Datenschutzerklärung gelesen und stimme dieser zu. The state did not have a plan before but the state is much more aggressive with testing. We have a month and a LOT to do. Senate District 23 virtual town hall meeting scheduled for April 23 By John Benson, cleveland.com 4/21/2020 Lawmakers may have been exposed to coronavirus in Capitol lockdown This winter is a big challenge. Evaluations: The state is saying its a collective bargaining is needed and we will get a team together and work quickly. We need to all work together. You can be remote with a ridiculous class size or in person with a mask. Who likes being muted at a Town Hall anyway? Nurses have told us these challengers are there. Kids travel everywhere at the HS level. For Child Care Providers ; Administrators in Need of Improvement (ANOI) –(UPDATED AS OF SEPTEMBER 29, 2019) Rebuttals; ATR Survival Guide; Educator Survival Guide; UFT DOE 2009-2018 Contract; Get Our Android App; Guide to the 2019 UFT Elections; UFT Elections 2016 – Issues – … MICHAEL MULGREW: Many thanks to everyone; things are constantly changing We are definitely OFF Memorial Day (1st official day off since Feb. break) Spring Break: UFT challenged; it got ugly. Many Ps being pressed by Superintendents to do this. If you do not receive UFT emails, please go to uft.org and sign up. How will we handle it if it isn’t safe? We still don’t have agreement on a testing protocol (then must be customized for every building, which is why Sept. 10 is feasible. There is nothing in agreement now. Q: You have become such an advocate and rockstar fighting for us. I really wanted to do this Town Hall this week because it's Thanksgiving. . character likes uuuuuuuuu... (Nekoma edition) allibunz. Yeah, after having questions prescreened and not being given the pro... mised space to propose motions at several Delegate Assembly sessions, Solidarity got peeved. This is according to multiple teachers who attended the meeting. ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ We aren't sure what will happen but we will continue to fight for a stronger and more democratic UFT. We scheduled strike authorization for Monday night and then there was a realization from City Hall that we were very serious. 1. If we do this work, we can combat layoffs, and also hire new teachers with buyouts. Schools won't stay safe if the rates go up. Parents will listen to US– the teachers that they trust, not the mayor, not the chancellor. If schools are open, we are the essential workers needing childcare. Only about 15% teachers have applied for medical accommodations. Q: Doe device issues. Will they close school buildings in NYC in January? It's at central now. Senate District 23 virtual town hall meeting scheduled for April 23 By John Benson, cleveland.com 4/21/2020 Lawmakers may have been exposed to coronavirus in Capitol lockdown Q: Medical accommodation: haven’t received word on if it is approved. Decisions need to be made to keep a of us safe and our families. The UFT is not happy about this but we are working with the DOE in terms of compensation. Mike Sill: Their email system does not go out all at once. A: Nope, answered this, they do not come out of your CAR. This makes no sense; we’ve worked harder in the last 6 months than we ever have. Share: Similar Articles. Ones who have gotten approval indicate it said through Dec. 31, 2020. Paras picked up so much work and found so many ways to support students and teachers. We don’t think your plan is workable. Any word on retro? There will be a special education Town Hall meeting next week.

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