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Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel filed for bankruptcy in July after racking up debts of $311,000, including $2,000 for cosmetic treatments and $2,240 in unpaid private school fees. The most affordable, accessible way to work with industry experts (including Natalie & Danielle). Rachel Bell is on Facebook. Product details. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Rachel’s connections and jobs at similar companies. London. She also shares how self care is inexcusable for anything thriving Entrepreneur. From: The Ultimate Entrepreneur. Rachel Bell Founder at Online Coach University San Diego, CA. Welcome to the Payday With Rayray Podcast - hosted by Rachel Bell, a 24-year old serial entrepreneur who has built multiple 7-figure businesses using the power of social media marketing. Rachel Bell. Posted October 17, 2017. Whether you are just starting out or growing your business, there's so much to take away from the Entrepreneurs’ Journey event series. Rachel is cool, calm and so very confident in walking us through how to provide incredible value to your audience on Instagram. Attract an audience and convert them to customers more quickly and easily than you ever have before in IGA. She makes those around her examine how to change gear and accelerate. We chatted abut her self-care routine, grief, and mental health. Rachel Bell. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Rachel’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Online Coach University, a business mentorship platform that teaches hundreds of online coaches how to build 6-figure businesses through social media. Welcome to The Freelance Economy. She is also a radio and podcast presenter. At just 24 years old, Rachel herself has grown two 7-figure businesses - without spending a dime on advertising. Jul 23, 2019 - In this interview, Rachel Bell founder of Online Coach University shares how she has grown 6 figure coaching businesses. Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Online Coach University, a business mentorship platform that teaches hundreds of online coaches how to build 6-figure businesses through social media. left a review right here letting me know your favorite part of this episode. As well as Chairman of The Academy Media Ltd, she is an active NED on several boards. Plus, enjoy a FREE 1-year Entrepreneur … Welcome to the Payday With Rayray Podcast - hosted by Rachel Bell, a 24-year old serial entrepreneur who has built multiple 7-figure businesses using the power of social media marketing. 2020. PRCA Best New Agency 2014PR WEEK Best Small Agency 2019, Generate Sponsorship See others named Rachel Bell Rachel’s public profile badge. 555 others named Rachel Bell are on LinkedIn. At just 24 years old, Rachel herself has grown two 7 … She is also a food lover and host of the "Your Last Meal" podcast. More information Starting a coaching business can be tough, but Rachel Bell has you covered. Rachel Bell Founder at Online Coach University San Diego, CA. She has founded seven multi-award-winning professional service businesses, from across the whole marketing spectrum. Co-Founder, Trill Media Instagram Strategist. Welcome to the Payday With Rayray Podcast - hosted by Rachel Bell, a 24-year old serial entrepreneur who has built multiple 7-figure businesses using the power of social media marketing. Want to be the first to know when new episodes are released? Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 6 award-winning PR agencies and she is the founder of Brand Spanking Consulting. She understands people and what makes them really tick. Join Facebook to connect with Rachel Bell and others you may know. Mischief PRBest New Agency, Best Agency (2006, 2013, 2014), Aduro Communications Time spent with her makes people richer in all sorts of ways.”, Best New Agency, Best Agency (2006, 2013, 2014), Best New Agency, Best Agency (2007, 2009, 2012), Best New Agency 2016, Best Agency Shortlist 2018, Best Agency, Best Specialist, Best Boutique, Best Overall Industry Consultancy 2011. "Rachel knows exactly what type of content a creative entrepreneur needs and was so organized from start to finish. Rachel Bell has worked closely with the world’s leading coaches and personal development leaders. business - Buddies In Business - Entrepreneur.com. 69:49. The login page will open in a new tab. View Rachel Bell’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. I am a 24-year old serial entrepreneur who has built multiple 7-figure businesses using the power of social media marketing. Today’s guest on Health Coach Radio is Rachel Bell. Click here to subscribe! Ice cream entrepreneurs, Ben & Jerry have been outspoken for decades. Her philosophy of developing, promoting and liberating talent has won her industry recognition, including the No. Rachel has 3 jobs listed on their profile. View Rachel Bell’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Bristol. By Rachel Bell. Rachel Bell San Francisco, CA. SHINE founder and marketing Rachel Bell. San Diego, CA. 70%. Rachel Bell is on Facebook. On this podcast, you'll be given my best trainings so you can start, grow, and scale your business. I had her business card in my wallet for months! Rachel is a true professional! She started out by attending events at the age of 16, all in a bid to build and improve her interpersonal and coaching skills. The place where female entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs learn and grow. The founder of a 7-figure company at the age of just 25, Rachel Bell has been well recognised for her incredible accomplishments, being featured in the Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs … She is an Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence at the London Business School and has a new book out called Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups: How to Succeed By Creating Your Own Business.. On this podcast, you'll be given a collection of Rachel's best trainings so you can start, grow, and scale your business. But when you join the OCA family, you’ll be warmly welcomed into an active community of other like-minded coaches who you can connect & mastermind with. 00:00. Rachel Bell. Rachel Bell. Rachel Bell Director at Stride Treglown. Rachel bell is an Entrepreneur, mentor and momentum creator Rachel is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, investor, mentor and founder of the business growth consultancy Brand Spanking. Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur and founder of six successful and award-winning PR companies. Percent of the workforce that is contracted or freelance. Want to know more? As well as Chairman of The Academy Media Ltd, she is an active NED on several boards. Home of Entrepreneur magazine. Rachel Bell. Are you getting PAID? This is your chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges and seized opportunities along … Rachel is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Online Coach University, a business mentorship platform that teaches hundreds of online coaches how to build six figure businesses through social media. She is on a mission to help coaches leverage the power of social media to build profitable online businesses that they love. Rachel Bell Entrepreneur, mentor, momentum creator London. Rachel is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Online Coach University, a business mentorship platform that teaches hundreds of online coaches how to build six figure businesses through social media. On this podcast, you'll be given a collection of Rachel's best trainings so … 226 - Rachel Bell on the Laws of Marketing, Tactics VS Strategies, and How to Think Like a Billionaire . Rachel has 2 jobs listed on their profile. 559 others named Rachel Bell are on LinkedIn See others named Rachel Bell … Rachel is a non-executive director of several high growth businesses, an active start-up investor, the author of Start-Ups, Pivots & Pop-Ups and currently works with London Business School, inspiring MBA students in Entrepreneurship. On this podcast, you'll be given a collection of Rachel's best trainings so you can start, grow, and scale your business. Today’s guest on Health Coach Radio is Rachel Bell. Rachel Shechtman. Rachel Bell. Rachel Bell. They have grown their building supplies company into a $7.5 million operation. 2035. She has founded seven multi-award-winning professional service businesses, from across the whole marketing spectrum. 2016. Product details. Rachel Bell Director at Stride Treglown Bristol. Her company, Online Coach University, helps coaches to learn to live in abundance. Please log in again. Rachel Bell. The most affordable, accessible way to work with industry experts (including Natalie & Danielle). On this podcast, you'll be given a collection of Rachel's best trainings so you can start, grow, and scale your b… Attract an audience and convert them to customers more quickly and easily than you ever have before in IGA. Rachel Bell Founder at Online Coach University San Diego, CA. Rachel Bell Entrepreneur, mentor, momentum creator London. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. 0 0 11 months ago. Entrepreneur, podcast host, and author Rachel Hollis debut a new book called 'Didn't See That Coming.' Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Online Coach University, a business mentorship platform that teaches hundreds of online coaches how to build 6 … Rachel Bell Founder at Online Coach University. Founder and CEO / Black Girl Ventures. Rachel Bell. On this podcast, you'll be given a collection of Rachel's best trainings so you can start, grow, and scale your business. Welcome to the Payday With Rayray Podcast - hosted by Rachel Bell, a 24-year old serial entrepreneur who has built multiple 7-figure businesses using the power of social media marketing. Rachel Bell. Rachel Bell. She is an Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence at the London Business School and has a new book out called Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups: How to Succeed By Creating Your Own Business.. Rachel Bell. She understands money, why it matters and how to make it. Rachel shares her expertise in how to create true focus on messaging and content. ... webinars, an ad-free experience, and more! Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur and founder of six successful and award-winning PR companies. Rachel, herself, has grown two 7-figure businesses without spending a dime on advertising. On this podcast, you'll be given a collection of Rachel's best trainings so … Rachel Bell. She breaks this process down and makes it sound so easy and doable for the listener. 5 Minute Guide: How To Go Viral On Instagram. Rachel Bell. Personal Blog I give her 10 … Rachel Bell HR Manager at CD Electrical Services (UK) Ltd West Midlands. Rachel Bell Director at Stride Treglown Bristol. Home of Entrepreneur magazine. To hear her thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on working practices & society, head to bit.ly/3f0zhyr where you can also listen to … CMO, BRANDish Social Media Expert. Info ; Live Chat Comments; Business. Rachel Bell Entrepreneur, mentor, momentum creator London. On this podcast, you'll be given a collection of Rachel's best trainings so you can start, grow, and scale your b… ... By Rachel Bell. One of Rachel Bell's first memories of Sara Sutton is of her lip-synching to Duran Duran at a friend's bar mitzvah. For learning how to grow both your followers and your dollars. Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Online Coach University, a business mentorship platform that teaches hundreds of online coaches how to build 6-figure businesses through social media. She deconstructs challenging concepts, breaks down the Insta algorithm and shows us how to provide so much value as content creators. 50%. The place where female entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs learn and grow. Welcome to the Payday With Rayray Podcast - hosted by Rachel Bell, a 24-year old serial entrepreneur who has built multiple 7-figure businesses using the power of social media marketing. ‎Welcome to the Payday With Rayray Podcast - hosted by Rachel Bell, a 24-year old serial entrepreneur who has built multiple 7-figure businesses using the power of social media marketing. The founder of a 7-figure company at the age of just 25, Rachel Bell has been well recognised for her incredible accomplishments, being featured in the Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs by Forbes. Rachel Bell Entrepreneur, mentor, momentum creator London. Rachel Bell Founder at Online Coach University San Diego, CA. Rachel Bell helps fitness coaches and in less than 3 years built a multi-million dollar business using principles of The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method inside … Also, podcast reviews are massively important to iTunes and the more reviews we receive, the more likely we’ll be able to get this podcast and message in front of more people (insert iTunes algorithm nerd stuff here). Advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Rachel Bell. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Please send Rachel your story ideas, weekend events and taco truck tips! Founder / Story ... Shelly Bell. You’ll be inspired, motivated, held accountable… and you’ll make friends for life. 35%. In Basics, Blog, Social Media. Rachel Bell Director at Stride Treglown Bristol. Rachel Bell Director at Stride Treglown Bristol. Rachel Bell Entrepreneur, mentor, momentum creator London. Rachel Bell. I’d be extremely grateful if you left a review right here letting me know your favorite part of this episode. Rachel Bell. At just 24-years-old, Rachel herself has grown two 7-figure businesses – without spending a … Bell is the presenter of "Ring My Belle" by Keru FM. https://toppodcast.com › podcast_feeds › payday-with-rayray Rachel Bell Founder at Online Coach University San Diego, CA. Rachel Bell is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Online Coach University, a business mentorship platform that teaches hundreds of online coaches how to build 6-figure businesses through social media. Download Embed. Rachel Bell Director at Stride Treglown Bristol. 19 Top Facebook Ad Examples With Great Design, 67 Highly Profitable Passive Income Sources With Super Low Competition, Take Advantage Of This Curated List Of Tools For Entrepreneurs, Visit Our Shop For Premium Courses, Workshops & Master Classes. She is also a food writer who lives in Seattle. Ice cream entrepreneurs, ... Rachel Belle hosts the James Beard Award nominated podcast Your Last Meal and she's an Edward R Murrow award winning feature reporter. Announcement comes as Glasgow agency scoops coveted Best Agency Outside of London award at PR Week Awards. For learning how to grow both your followers and your dollars. [smart_track_player url=”https://soundcloud.com/projectegg/rachel-bell/s-3S0v6″]. Rachel is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, investor, mentor and founder of the business growth consultancy Brand Spanking. She walks us through how consistency, showing up for your audience is the best starting place for creating an audience who will buy from you. Rachel Bell. Rachel Bell Entrepreneur, mentor, momentum creator London. 180 likes. Vincent Orleck. For those of you that don’t know, Rachel is a serial PR entrepreneur and has a stake in a number or PR firms currently as well as being a non-exec on a range of different agencies. Rachel Bell Entrepreneur, mentor, momentum creator London. Rachel Bell Entrepreneur, mentor, momentum creator London. Rachel, herself, has grown two 7-figure businesses without spending a dime on advertising. Join Facebook to connect with Rachel Bell and others you may know. By combining such efforts with her business experience she came up with a way sky-rocket herself beyond the competition. ​100:00:00,030 --> 00:00:14,450eight seven six five four three two one200:00:09,860 --> 00:00:17,760ladies and gentlemen welcome to another300:00:14,450 --> 00:00:21,689extraordinarily exciting and massively400:00:17,760 --> 00:00:24,000valuable show project egg show welcome500:00:21,689 --> 00:00:27,480welcome welcome today we have the honor600:00:24,000 --> 00:00:28,830of speaking with a Rachel Bell now I700:00:27,480 --> 00:00:30,210don't want to give too much away because800:00:28,830 --> 00:00:34,800we're gonna dive into a during the show900:00:30,210 --> 00:00:37,710but at just 24 years old1000:00:34,800 --> 00:00:42,360less than a quarter of a century people1100:00:37,710 --> 00:00:44,690rachel has grown to seven-figure1200:00:42,360 --> 00:00:51,320businesses and here's the best part1300:00:44,690 --> 00:00:54,690without spending a dime on advertising1400:00:51,320 --> 00:00:57,149so yeah we can just close on close the1500:00:54,690 --> 00:00:59,760show right now and just do it so anyways1600:00:57,149 --> 00:01:01,170Rachel welcome so much to the show it is1700:00:59,760 --> 00:01:03,660such an honor to be speaking with you1800:01:01,170 --> 00:01:06,210today thank you so much and I just1900:01:03,660 --> 00:01:10,860realized the BIOS sounds way cooler if2000:01:06,210 --> 00:01:12,479you read it one word at a time so I'm2100:01:10,860 --> 00:01:15,030gonna tell everyone from now on you have2200:01:12,479 --> 00:01:18,119to read this very slowly for it to sound2300:01:15,030 --> 00:01:20,850legit you also have to have a flair for2400:01:18,119 --> 00:01:22,909the dramatic because that is just a2500:01:20,850 --> 00:01:24,810whole nother layer of excitement to it2600:01:22,909 --> 00:01:27,479exactly well thanks so much for having2700:01:24,810 --> 00:01:31,079me on I'm excited to jam out absolutely2800:01:27,479 --> 00:01:32,600so let's dive right in what is your2900:01:31,079 --> 00:01:35,460story3000:01:32,600 --> 00:01:37,799that's a big question but I guess I'll3100:01:35,460 --> 00:01:39,689take it back to the beginning of my3200:01:37,799 --> 00:01:41,759career because what were we before we3300:01:39,689 --> 00:01:46,079were entrepreneurs honestly like what it3400:01:41,759 --> 00:01:48,899doesn't even matter but so anyway the3500:01:46,079 --> 00:01:50,850childhood version of my life was very3600:01:48,899 --> 00:01:53,070much creative artistic I was3700:01:50,850 --> 00:01:56,009home-schooled that was my upbringing my3800:01:53,070 --> 00:01:57,360parents really understood that hey she3900:01:56,009 --> 00:01:59,490can't be in public school because she4000:01:57,360 --> 00:02:01,049can't do math she can't do numbers she's4100:01:59,490 --> 00:02:03,240terrible with logic and things like that4200:02:01,049 --> 00:02:05,430so because she's highly creative let's4300:02:03,240 --> 00:02:06,719just give her you know a homeschooled4400:02:05,430 --> 00:02:08,910environment where she can actually4500:02:06,719 --> 00:02:10,379succeed thank goodness they made that4600:02:08,910 --> 00:02:12,700decision for me because it allowed me to4700:02:10,379 --> 00:02:15,010discover a lot of early on4800:02:12,700 --> 00:02:17,319passions that I had like graphic design4900:02:15,010 --> 00:02:18,819and writing and things like that that I5000:02:17,319 --> 00:02:21,610didn't know we're gonna help me later on5100:02:18,819 --> 00:02:24,220in my business career but fast-forward a5200:02:21,610 --> 00:02:26,200little bit into the entrance of what I5300:02:24,220 --> 00:02:28,780would consider my career passion to be5400:02:26,200 --> 00:02:31,630ignited was at none other than a Tony5500:02:28,780 --> 00:02:34,270Robbins event of course and I was in the5600:02:31,630 --> 00:02:35,980crowd my dad had forced me to go to one5700:02:34,270 --> 00:02:38,319of his events because he was like you5800:02:35,980 --> 00:02:40,630know you're you're a nasty teenager you5900:02:38,319 --> 00:02:42,340need to shape up your act let's get to a6000:02:40,630 --> 00:02:45,340Tony Robbins event and get you set6100:02:42,340 --> 00:02:47,319straight and so I was there and I was6200:02:45,340 --> 00:02:50,050looking around and I was realizing what6300:02:47,319 --> 00:02:52,030a fun experience it was to be in the6400:02:50,050 --> 00:02:53,260presence of like a coach on stage trying6500:02:52,030 --> 00:02:54,700to motivate people and change their6600:02:53,260 --> 00:02:56,260mindset and I was like you know this is6700:02:54,700 --> 00:02:58,450kind of cool I've never been to6800:02:56,260 --> 00:03:00,610something like this and most careers6900:02:58,450 --> 00:03:03,940that I had looked into for myself were7000:03:00,610 --> 00:03:06,370very stagnant or very stale seeming in7100:03:03,940 --> 00:03:08,739comparison to this Rockstar experience7200:03:06,370 --> 00:03:11,799of like Tony Robbins on stage changing7300:03:08,739 --> 00:03:13,000lives plus I looked around to myself and7400:03:11,799 --> 00:03:15,130I realized there were thousands of7500:03:13,000 --> 00:03:16,780people in the room that had all paid7600:03:15,130 --> 00:03:19,180anywhere from like three hundred to a7700:03:16,780 --> 00:03:20,980thousand dollars for a ticket so I did7800:03:19,180 --> 00:03:22,959like some broken math in my head that7900:03:20,980 --> 00:03:24,549probably wasn't accurate and I basically8000:03:22,959 --> 00:03:27,190came to the conclusion this dude was8100:03:24,549 --> 00:03:30,040making Bank and at the same time he was8200:03:27,190 --> 00:03:32,049on stage just doing what he loves and so8300:03:30,040 --> 00:03:34,180that was the first entrance into this8400:03:32,049 --> 00:03:36,040realization that I had that maybe just8500:03:34,180 --> 00:03:39,489maybe I could do something that I loved8600:03:36,040 --> 00:03:41,769for a living and I'm lucky to have that8700:03:39,489 --> 00:03:43,630realization early on in life and even8800:03:41,769 --> 00:03:45,040luckier to have you know a father who8900:03:43,630 --> 00:03:46,390was like coming with me to Tony Robbins9000:03:45,040 --> 00:03:48,220because a lot of people don't get9100:03:46,390 --> 00:03:50,739opportunities like that until very much9200:03:48,220 --> 00:03:52,780later in their life so definitely give9300:03:50,739 --> 00:03:55,239credit to the parents for that part of9400:03:52,780 --> 00:03:56,530my life but after that I was like okay9500:03:55,239 --> 00:04:00,609well what does it look like to be a9600:03:56,530 --> 00:04:02,260coach I'm sixteen so there's not a whole9700:04:00,609 --> 00:04:03,940lot to work with in terms of my life9800:04:02,260 --> 00:04:07,359experience and what I know about things9900:04:03,940 --> 00:04:09,519and so I looked out for some internships10000:04:07,359 --> 00:04:11,620and tried to get into the industry as10100:04:09,519 --> 00:04:13,510quickly and as you know effectively as I10200:04:11,620 --> 00:04:15,670could I ended up finding a couple people10300:04:13,510 --> 00:04:17,590who were taking me under their wing and10400:04:15,670 --> 00:04:19,299allowing me to help them run the backend10500:04:17,590 --> 00:04:21,099of their coaching businesses or speaking10600:04:19,299 --> 00:04:22,780businesses and things like that and I10700:04:21,099 --> 00:04:24,669work for free for like a year or two10800:04:22,780 --> 00:04:26,420just trying to get my feet in the10900:04:24,669 --> 00:04:29,090industry and understand what it11000:04:26,420 --> 00:04:30,410I was trying to get myself into and I11100:04:29,090 --> 00:04:31,970fell in love the more that I got11200:04:30,410 --> 00:04:34,040involved in it the more I was like this11300:04:31,970 --> 00:04:36,230is so sick that I can help people change11400:04:34,040 --> 00:04:37,850their lives or their careers or their11500:04:36,230 --> 00:04:40,790finances or whatever it is they want to11600:04:37,850 --> 00:04:42,410change while still getting paid like11700:04:40,790 --> 00:04:44,900normally people say you have to choose11800:04:42,410 --> 00:04:47,780between one or the other right and a lot11900:04:44,900 --> 00:04:49,700of us are exposed to a lot more examples12000:04:47,780 --> 00:04:51,710of what it looks like to do what you12100:04:49,700 --> 00:04:53,270love for a living nowadays but it was so12200:04:51,710 --> 00:04:55,010exciting in the beginning to just think12300:04:53,270 --> 00:04:57,230about wow I could really do this and12400:04:55,010 --> 00:04:59,390still you know pay my bills or even12500:04:57,230 --> 00:05:01,340beyond that it could be incredibly12600:04:59,390 --> 00:05:03,770financially abundant and do what I love12700:05:01,340 --> 00:05:06,550at the same time and help people so I12800:05:03,770 --> 00:05:10,250was addicted I was hooked and I12900:05:06,550 --> 00:05:12,800continued down my path of coaching and I13000:05:10,250 --> 00:05:15,770put together some self love courses the13100:05:12,800 --> 00:05:17,660ebooks the you know membership sites I13200:05:15,770 --> 00:05:20,090did some other courses and things like13300:05:17,660 --> 00:05:23,420that all playing and what I like to call13400:05:20,090 --> 00:05:24,890the $50 sandbox so I of course I didn't13500:05:23,420 --> 00:05:26,720have a big audience I was like I need a13600:05:24,890 --> 00:05:28,610lot of people to buy this stuff what's13700:05:26,720 --> 00:05:31,400the best way for me to get people to buy13800:05:28,610 --> 00:05:31,940this stuff well lower the price or so I13900:05:31,400 --> 00:05:34,250thought14000:05:31,940 --> 00:05:36,440and so I was trying to sell these cheap14100:05:34,250 --> 00:05:38,480products these cheap offers these cheap14200:05:36,440 --> 00:05:40,160services and not understanding why14300:05:38,480 --> 00:05:41,990number one it was so hard to get people14400:05:40,160 --> 00:05:43,940to buy them I mean it was only 50 bucks14500:05:41,990 --> 00:05:46,390and it was all my knowledge in one14600:05:43,940 --> 00:05:49,040course why weren't they buying it I14700:05:46,390 --> 00:05:50,690learned a lot of lessons later on that14800:05:49,040 --> 00:05:53,180now I know why the answer is you know14900:05:50,690 --> 00:05:56,030we'll get into that later probably but I15000:05:53,180 --> 00:05:57,740was playing in this $50 sandbox trying15100:05:56,030 --> 00:05:59,720to go full time doing what I love but15200:05:57,740 --> 00:06:02,450not realizing how to move that much15300:05:59,720 --> 00:06:05,660volume of you know product or services15400:06:02,450 --> 00:06:09,200to make that happen and you know at the15500:06:05,660 --> 00:06:11,120time as well I was very intimidated by15600:06:09,200 --> 00:06:13,070the thought of charging more than that15700:06:11,120 --> 00:06:15,350because I was wondering you know I miss15800:06:13,070 --> 00:06:17,690out on sales because my audience is so15900:06:15,350 --> 00:06:19,850small I only had maybe like 2,00016000:06:17,690 --> 00:06:21,080friends on Facebook maybe 3,000 across16100:06:19,850 --> 00:06:24,200all of my social media platforms16200:06:21,080 --> 00:06:27,200combined and I didn't want to intimidate16300:06:24,200 --> 00:06:29,150someone and kind of screw myself by16400:06:27,200 --> 00:06:31,520offering too much of an offer and16500:06:29,150 --> 00:06:33,020getting rid of all my leads and I know16600:06:31,520 --> 00:06:34,700that a lot of coaches out there or16700:06:33,020 --> 00:06:36,530entrepreneurs can kind of relate to that16800:06:34,700 --> 00:06:38,240feeling of not wanting to screw up your16900:06:36,530 --> 00:06:39,340chances and you have such a small pool17000:06:38,240 --> 00:06:40,540of people to work with17100:06:39,340 --> 00:06:43,720the beginning of bootstrapping your17200:06:40,540 --> 00:06:46,000business so all that happened and17300:06:43,720 --> 00:06:47,560eventually I had a couple mentors come17400:06:46,000 --> 00:06:50,229into my life and set me straight say17500:06:47,560 --> 00:06:52,030Rachel you need a high ticket offer of17600:06:50,229 --> 00:06:53,770some kind if you're doing done-for-you17700:06:52,030 --> 00:06:55,270services it needs to be high ticket if17800:06:53,770 --> 00:06:56,889you're doing coaching or consulting it17900:06:55,270 --> 00:06:58,870needs to be high ticket you need that in18000:06:56,889 --> 00:07:00,970order for your clients to show up but18100:06:58,870 --> 00:07:04,979also for you to have actual cash flow in18200:07:00,970 --> 00:07:07,960your business and so after months of18300:07:04,979 --> 00:07:09,220drama of me going back and forth myself18400:07:07,960 --> 00:07:12,070and being scared to do it18500:07:09,220 --> 00:07:15,400I finally developed an offer six months18600:07:12,070 --> 00:07:18,580after that um no clients until I got my18700:07:15,400 --> 00:07:21,729first ever client for two grand and I18800:07:18,580 --> 00:07:25,840basically wanted to strip naked and run18900:07:21,729 --> 00:07:27,220through the street I was so excited well19000:07:25,840 --> 00:07:28,360I want you to be so excited you just19100:07:27,220 --> 00:07:30,880feel like stripping naked and running19200:07:28,360 --> 00:07:33,760down the street let's all get there I19300:07:30,880 --> 00:07:35,770was so excited and then the six months19400:07:33,760 --> 00:07:37,479following that my business grew to six19500:07:35,770 --> 00:07:39,430figures and collected income which was19600:07:37,479 --> 00:07:41,020just amazing considering I had come from19700:07:39,430 --> 00:07:44,320literally nothing no reputation no19800:07:41,020 --> 00:07:46,660audience no real sales experience in the19900:07:44,320 --> 00:07:49,300background or anything so that was a20000:07:46,660 --> 00:07:51,070dramatic upward an exponential spiral up20100:07:49,300 --> 00:07:53,380into my business journey that took me20200:07:51,070 --> 00:07:55,330into this new realm of awareness around20300:07:53,380 --> 00:07:57,789what's possible in terms of selling and20400:07:55,330 --> 00:07:59,440marketing and things like that so a lot20500:07:57,789 --> 00:08:01,539of people were wondering how is Rachel20600:07:59,440 --> 00:08:04,210doing all of this but through social20700:08:01,539 --> 00:08:05,770media and without any advertising a lot20800:08:04,210 --> 00:08:07,870of people would ask me you know are you20900:08:05,770 --> 00:08:10,030running ads and I'd say no it's just21000:08:07,870 --> 00:08:11,530through social media or PR articles that21100:08:10,030 --> 00:08:13,330are written about us organically it's21200:08:11,530 --> 00:08:15,550there's nothing really special here I'm21300:08:13,330 --> 00:08:18,070just doing what I do on social media and21400:08:15,550 --> 00:08:19,750so so many coaches and consultants and21500:08:18,070 --> 00:08:21,729service providers for coming forward and21600:08:19,750 --> 00:08:23,710like can you please tell me what it is21700:08:21,729 --> 00:08:25,300you're doing and I felt their pain21800:08:23,710 --> 00:08:26,410because it had taken me like three or21900:08:25,300 --> 00:08:28,450four years to go through this entire22000:08:26,410 --> 00:08:30,520learning process so I was like sure22100:08:28,450 --> 00:08:32,560let's get together let's do this thing22200:08:30,520 --> 00:08:34,779and I took a little bit of time to22300:08:32,560 --> 00:08:38,229mentor them and then it just grew22400:08:34,779 --> 00:08:40,750naturally into these amazing cohorts of22500:08:38,229 --> 00:08:42,240people buying online coach accelerator22600:08:40,750 --> 00:08:44,890which is now the program I run and22700:08:42,240 --> 00:08:46,300learning all the same methodologies and22800:08:44,890 --> 00:08:48,370systems that I used to grow my to22900:08:46,300 --> 00:08:50,500businesses and applying it to their own23000:08:48,370 --> 00:08:53,020so that's basically the origin story of23100:08:50,500 --> 00:08:56,230me and my business my offer23200:08:53,020 --> 00:09:00,970and where I am today which is which is23300:08:56,230 --> 00:09:05,350sweet that is sweet that is awesome as23400:09:00,970 --> 00:09:06,880an amazing story so I want to dig really23500:09:05,350 --> 00:09:08,140really deeply into like all the things23600:09:06,880 --> 00:09:09,250that you said and there are so many23700:09:08,140 --> 00:09:13,930doors so let's start from the very23800:09:09,250 --> 00:09:17,650beginning why were like why did you23900:09:13,930 --> 00:09:19,810always love the creative aspect but you24000:09:17,650 --> 00:09:22,030mentioned create being creative and in24100:09:19,810 --> 00:09:25,600writing like why did you love that where24200:09:22,030 --> 00:09:28,570did that come from I don't know where it24300:09:25,600 --> 00:09:31,480came from I think that that I've always24400:09:28,570 --> 00:09:33,640wanted to express myself in creative24500:09:31,480 --> 00:09:35,260ways and I have a lot of like ideas and24600:09:33,640 --> 00:09:36,580abstract things that come in I thought I24700:09:35,260 --> 00:09:38,830wanted to be an artist like I thought I24800:09:36,580 --> 00:09:42,490wanted to be an artist for a career but24900:09:38,830 --> 00:09:45,280got a lot of backlash from that everyone25000:09:42,490 --> 00:09:46,990saying I shouldn't do that maybe do that25100:09:45,280 --> 00:09:49,800later but like try to actually have a25200:09:46,990 --> 00:09:51,970career first so I was always wondering25300:09:49,800 --> 00:09:53,410you know ma'am am I ever gonna be able25400:09:51,970 --> 00:09:55,120to do this for a living and actually one25500:09:53,410 --> 00:09:57,370of the first ways that I ever made money25600:09:55,120 --> 00:10:02,050outside of like a traditional job was25700:09:57,370 --> 00:10:03,610selling cat drawings online so that's25800:10:02,050 --> 00:10:05,620quite a sentence and I'll just let it25900:10:03,610 --> 00:10:07,480sink in for a second but yeah my first26000:10:05,620 --> 00:10:10,000introduction to making any money online26100:10:07,480 --> 00:10:13,510was when people started offering to buy26200:10:10,000 --> 00:10:15,640my cat drawings and I would post my cat26300:10:13,510 --> 00:10:16,990drawings on this art website where26400:10:15,640 --> 00:10:18,850people could critique it and like26500:10:16,990 --> 00:10:21,160comment on it and whatever and I became26600:10:18,850 --> 00:10:23,380kind of like a little thing on that and26700:10:21,160 --> 00:10:25,900that was my first introduction I guess26800:10:23,380 --> 00:10:27,880and to maybe maybe I can be creative or26900:10:25,900 --> 00:10:29,740infuse my creativity into a career as27000:10:27,880 --> 00:10:32,200well which is awesome but I think that27100:10:29,740 --> 00:10:33,400in general is just part of who I am and27200:10:32,200 --> 00:10:34,960I think that there's a lot of people out27300:10:33,400 --> 00:10:37,420there as well who share that same27400:10:34,960 --> 00:10:40,030passion for creativity and literally27500:10:37,420 --> 00:10:42,880don't think in terms of point A to point27600:10:40,030 --> 00:10:44,380B they think in squiggles and colors and27700:10:42,880 --> 00:10:45,490smells and all these different things27800:10:44,380 --> 00:10:47,440they're like am I ever gonna be27900:10:45,490 --> 00:10:49,780organized enough to be an entrepreneur28000:10:47,440 --> 00:10:52,320and so I like to put my hand up a lot of28100:10:49,780 --> 00:10:54,490time to say hey look can't do math but28200:10:52,320 --> 00:10:56,110for your business so you guys are gonna28300:10:54,490 --> 00:10:58,900be okay come with me28400:10:56,110 --> 00:11:00,760but I'm really relieved that I get to28500:10:58,900 --> 00:11:03,070use my creativity now in business I28600:11:00,760 --> 00:11:05,440think that's a big reason why social28700:11:03,070 --> 00:11:06,670media is a big thing for me because I28800:11:05,440 --> 00:11:08,590get to come up with new ideas28900:11:06,670 --> 00:11:10,330for campaigns and things like that all29000:11:08,590 --> 00:11:15,010the time so there's always ways to29100:11:10,330 --> 00:11:17,380include it do you ever wonder what would29200:11:15,010 --> 00:11:19,090have happened if you did go down the29300:11:17,380 --> 00:11:21,940hardest route like what if you had just29400:11:19,090 --> 00:11:24,130gone all in on that yeah I mean I'm29500:11:21,940 --> 00:11:26,200pretty good artist probably all I know29600:11:24,130 --> 00:11:30,520how to draw in our cats kind of like a29700:11:26,200 --> 00:11:33,670half-baked artist but I think that if I29800:11:30,520 --> 00:11:35,800had gone down that road I definitely29900:11:33,670 --> 00:11:37,480would be like camping on the beach30000:11:35,800 --> 00:11:39,670somewhere with 20 bucks in my bank30100:11:37,480 --> 00:11:42,100account just because that's honestly the30200:11:39,670 --> 00:11:43,480type of life I love mm-hmm with a little30300:11:42,100 --> 00:11:46,570bit more cushion in the bank account of30400:11:43,480 --> 00:11:48,220course now but who think that I would30500:11:46,570 --> 00:11:49,870have definitely taken it seriously and30600:11:48,220 --> 00:11:51,190just done it all the way that would have30700:11:49,870 --> 00:11:54,760been fun maybe someday I'll go back30800:11:51,190 --> 00:11:57,070there when you say that's the kind of30900:11:54,760 --> 00:12:01,440life you love like camping out on a31000:11:57,070 --> 00:12:03,820beach like let's dig into that like what31100:12:01,440 --> 00:12:05,380what really does that mean to you like31200:12:03,820 --> 00:12:07,870why do you love that life what is that31300:12:05,380 --> 00:12:09,220life I mean the whole reason that I31400:12:07,870 --> 00:12:12,400became an entrepreneur in the first31500:12:09,220 --> 00:12:14,350place are for three main reasons number31600:12:12,400 --> 00:12:16,660one to be able to see the world and31700:12:14,350 --> 00:12:18,130travel number two to be able to buy31800:12:16,660 --> 00:12:19,960dinner for my friends and family and31900:12:18,130 --> 00:12:22,240like have that financial abundance to32000:12:19,960 --> 00:12:23,710take care of others around me and number32100:12:22,240 --> 00:12:32,250three is that I could take time off to32200:12:23,710 --> 00:12:34,810go camping have I gone camping once no32300:12:32,250 --> 00:12:36,400and that's the irony of it as well as32400:12:34,810 --> 00:12:38,500like I fell in love with the journey and32500:12:36,400 --> 00:12:39,970now it's kind of like my I wouldn't32600:12:38,500 --> 00:12:42,370rather be doing anything else which is32700:12:39,970 --> 00:12:43,660funny but and I think a lot of people32800:12:42,370 --> 00:12:45,340fall in love with the process as well32900:12:43,660 --> 00:12:47,740and that's why we're like we never take33000:12:45,340 --> 00:12:49,000a vacation because we're doing what we33100:12:47,740 --> 00:12:50,980love all the time33200:12:49,000 --> 00:12:52,750but yeah that's the type of life that I33300:12:50,980 --> 00:12:54,520originally wanted in order to be33400:12:52,750 --> 00:12:56,410self-employed I wanted all those things33500:12:54,520 --> 00:12:58,300that I wanted the flexibility and that's33600:12:56,410 --> 00:12:59,740still just where my heart's at in terms33700:12:58,300 --> 00:13:01,390of what I want to create in my life I33800:12:59,740 --> 00:13:03,190just want flexibility I want to be able33900:13:01,390 --> 00:13:05,110to take care of people that I love I34000:13:03,190 --> 00:13:07,570wanted people to help people and it's34100:13:05,110 --> 00:13:10,269pretty simple for me34200:13:07,570 --> 00:13:13,959how did you get clear on those things34300:13:10,269 --> 00:13:16,540like those seem like their values values34400:13:13,959 --> 00:13:17,800of yours or their things that you hold34500:13:16,540 --> 00:13:20,860very near and dear to your heart like34600:13:17,800 --> 00:13:22,870how did you get clarity on that through34700:13:20,860 --> 00:13:25,930a lot of experiences being out of34800:13:22,870 --> 00:13:28,360alignment and understanding how painful34900:13:25,930 --> 00:13:30,819that was for me or to interact with35000:13:28,360 --> 00:13:32,110other mentors teachers coaches or just35100:13:30,819 --> 00:13:33,940people in my life who were out of35200:13:32,110 --> 00:13:36,220alignment with core values that I had as35300:13:33,940 --> 00:13:38,889well whether it was in relationships or35400:13:36,220 --> 00:13:43,319partnerships or anything really it was35500:13:38,889 --> 00:13:45,880so I think I have a low tolerance for35600:13:43,319 --> 00:13:47,769misalignment in my life so things get35700:13:45,880 --> 00:13:49,120weird real quick if something's off in35800:13:47,769 --> 00:13:52,149my life which is why I have to keep it35900:13:49,120 --> 00:13:53,709pretty pretty chill in order to operate36000:13:52,149 --> 00:13:55,420at my highest ability I think most36100:13:53,709 --> 00:13:56,980people are sensitive but some are better36200:13:55,420 --> 00:13:59,380than numbing it out and kind of36300:13:56,980 --> 00:14:01,990tolerating things that they don't aren't36400:13:59,380 --> 00:14:04,509an alignment with I have a very low36500:14:01,990 --> 00:14:08,620tolerance so I think that having a lot36600:14:04,509 --> 00:14:10,690of exposure into spiritual growth when I36700:14:08,620 --> 00:14:12,459was younger as well through hard times36800:14:10,690 --> 00:14:15,100and things like that I think was36900:14:12,459 --> 00:14:16,750definitely a big shaping factor of when37000:14:15,100 --> 00:14:18,370I decided okay these things are37100:14:16,750 --> 00:14:20,139important to me and everything else is37200:14:18,370 --> 00:14:23,410not as important like I never really37300:14:20,139 --> 00:14:25,420went after the rolls-royce or the37400:14:23,410 --> 00:14:28,839mansions or something like that because37500:14:25,420 --> 00:14:32,319that doesn't equal love which is my top37600:14:28,839 --> 00:14:33,819value for me it's cool I fuckin love37700:14:32,319 --> 00:14:36,430staying in mansions that's really fun37800:14:33,819 --> 00:14:37,750but does it equal the connection and the37900:14:36,430 --> 00:14:39,399love that I'm actually trying to seek38000:14:37,750 --> 00:14:41,529you're doing what I'm doing no it38100:14:39,399 --> 00:14:43,120doesn't so I think that having those38200:14:41,529 --> 00:14:45,190spiritual awakenings and I was a little38300:14:43,120 --> 00:14:46,899bit younger and still into my young life38400:14:45,190 --> 00:14:49,540it's like I think that was a big38500:14:46,899 --> 00:14:50,790indicator into what my values should be38600:14:49,540 --> 00:14:53,230in what they are now38700:14:50,790 --> 00:14:55,810what were those hard times that you went38800:14:53,230 --> 00:14:59,529through in order to have this insight38900:14:55,810 --> 00:15:03,339this this spiritual wisdom if you will39000:14:59,529 --> 00:15:07,709yeah when I was younger I dealt with so39100:15:03,339 --> 00:15:10,930much self judgment and oppression and39200:15:07,709 --> 00:15:14,680for a lot of different places but mostly39300:15:10,930 --> 00:15:16,870it manifested in my life as really39400:15:14,680 --> 00:15:19,389destructive behavior where I would be39500:15:16,870 --> 00:15:20,840having an eating disorder and self39600:15:19,389 --> 00:15:22,700harming and39700:15:20,840 --> 00:15:25,640and clinically diagnosed with all this39800:15:22,700 --> 00:15:27,260stuff anxiety whatever so I was really39900:15:25,640 --> 00:15:30,650going through a lot of mental health40000:15:27,260 --> 00:15:32,780challenges when I was at the end of my40100:15:30,650 --> 00:15:35,930high school days up until beyond that40200:15:32,780 --> 00:15:38,930and I was looking for answers in so many40300:15:35,930 --> 00:15:40,640different places obviously but and I was40400:15:38,930 --> 00:15:42,470just feeling alone too because I40500:15:40,640 --> 00:15:44,720everyone was going off to their own40600:15:42,470 --> 00:15:46,430paths and I felt like I was being left40700:15:44,720 --> 00:15:50,630behind in so many different ways in my40800:15:46,430 --> 00:15:52,430life I felt very behind and so that was40900:15:50,630 --> 00:15:54,500definitely a catalyst for me to look41000:15:52,430 --> 00:15:56,450inside and start looking at every41100:15:54,500 --> 00:15:58,910opportunity in my life as a vehicle for41200:15:56,450 --> 00:16:01,010my spiritual development and my personal41300:15:58,910 --> 00:16:03,410development and so I got very involved41400:16:01,010 --> 00:16:06,050in that in that life of wanting to41500:16:03,410 --> 00:16:08,990constantly grow myself and my spirit and41600:16:06,050 --> 00:16:11,450get more in alignment and that was that41700:16:08,990 --> 00:16:13,760was a big reason why I was able to come41800:16:11,450 --> 00:16:15,140out of that place but those were41900:16:13,760 --> 00:16:18,140definitely the hardest times in my life42000:16:15,140 --> 00:16:20,120and of course being an entrepreneur you42100:16:18,140 --> 00:16:21,950definitely face yourself in a unique way42200:16:20,120 --> 00:16:23,750that not a lot of people expect you come42300:16:21,950 --> 00:16:26,090face to face with your insecurities and42400:16:23,750 --> 00:16:28,070your fears and lots of good stuff to42500:16:26,090 --> 00:16:30,650work through and so throughout that42600:16:28,070 --> 00:16:32,720process plus only having you know a few42700:16:30,650 --> 00:16:34,640like bucks in my bank account and42800:16:32,720 --> 00:16:35,990wondering what I'm gonna have lunch or42900:16:34,640 --> 00:16:38,030if I'm gonna have lunch at this event43000:16:35,990 --> 00:16:39,800and oh by the way don't have a hotel43100:16:38,030 --> 00:16:42,560room so I better like find a place to43200:16:39,800 --> 00:16:46,340sleep tonight those moments can instill43300:16:42,560 --> 00:16:49,640a lot of stress and anxiety and learning43400:16:46,340 --> 00:16:51,410how to release and surrender control of43500:16:49,640 --> 00:16:53,180my life while still working towards a43600:16:51,410 --> 00:16:54,530goal was how I got through a lot of43700:16:53,180 --> 00:16:57,310those hard times as well in the43800:16:54,530 --> 00:17:00,560beginning of my entrepreneurship journey43900:16:57,310 --> 00:17:03,620so when you were going through those44000:17:00,560 --> 00:17:07,610hard times like in high school when you44100:17:03,620 --> 00:17:09,560were when you were younger I know you44200:17:07,610 --> 00:17:12,830talked about it and you talked about44300:17:09,560 --> 00:17:16,280getting through that and living through44400:17:12,830 --> 00:17:17,690that but I feel like that you know44500:17:16,280 --> 00:17:20,150talking about it in like a two minute44600:17:17,690 --> 00:17:22,910period of time doesn't fully capture44700:17:20,150 --> 00:17:25,280like the essence of what you felt and44800:17:22,910 --> 00:17:28,550when you actually went through you know44900:17:25,280 --> 00:17:30,860you know what I mean so what was that45000:17:28,550 --> 00:17:32,930actually like for you like what was that45100:17:30,860 --> 00:17:34,220pain that you actually felt and the45200:17:32,930 --> 00:17:36,470reason that I asked45300:17:34,220 --> 00:17:38,360one I'm very curious and I really want45400:17:36,470 --> 00:17:39,680to know but I feel like a lot of other45500:17:38,360 --> 00:17:44,110people probably go through that pain45600:17:39,680 --> 00:17:47,930tube and to be able to hear the story of45700:17:44,110 --> 00:17:50,900like like really really what you went45800:17:47,930 --> 00:17:52,850through like fundamentally the the45900:17:50,900 --> 00:17:54,860struggle that you went through and then46000:17:52,850 --> 00:17:57,230how you navigated that I think that it46100:17:54,860 --> 00:17:58,940was tremendously valuable and I46200:17:57,230 --> 00:18:00,830recognize that the courage that it takes46300:17:58,940 --> 00:18:04,100to talk about this so I really don't ask46400:18:00,830 --> 00:18:06,770this lightly but I would love if you46500:18:04,100 --> 00:18:09,020could really go into into the detailer46600:18:06,770 --> 00:18:10,850thanks so much for asking and I really46700:18:09,020 --> 00:18:12,410appreciate that you're inviting me to go46800:18:10,850 --> 00:18:14,780deeper into that I think a lot of people46900:18:12,410 --> 00:18:16,820want to brush over it and say haha those47000:18:14,780 --> 00:18:18,890part of the pass and there it is but I47100:18:16,820 --> 00:18:20,930know that you're right like for some47200:18:18,890 --> 00:18:22,280people listening they're like I'm not in47300:18:20,930 --> 00:18:24,290high school necessarily er maybe I am47400:18:22,280 --> 00:18:26,620but that's something that's present in47500:18:24,290 --> 00:18:31,250my life right now is this you know47600:18:26,620 --> 00:18:35,360feeling of hopelessness and isolation47700:18:31,250 --> 00:18:38,510and I noticed that there was a lot of47800:18:35,360 --> 00:18:39,920external reasons that everything worked47900:18:38,510 --> 00:18:41,270out the way that it did and that I felt48000:18:39,920 --> 00:18:43,630like that was my only option was to48100:18:41,270 --> 00:18:45,890behave like that to myself but48200:18:43,630 --> 00:18:48,800ultimately outside of all that my life48300:18:45,890 --> 00:18:50,570has been a lot worse and I haven't you48400:18:48,800 --> 00:18:53,360know reverted back to those habits as48500:18:50,570 --> 00:18:54,950well so when I look at it I say the48600:18:53,360 --> 00:18:56,570internal environment and the beliefs48700:18:54,950 --> 00:18:59,120that I had about myself and what I48800:18:56,570 --> 00:19:02,960deserved and who I was those are the48900:18:59,120 --> 00:19:06,830main things that instigated such a49000:19:02,960 --> 00:19:08,630dramatic darkness for me and I think49100:19:06,830 --> 00:19:09,950that the main beliefs in the internal49200:19:08,630 --> 00:19:13,160dialogue that was really going through49300:19:09,950 --> 00:19:15,290my head at that point was just that I49400:19:13,160 --> 00:19:17,180wasn't good enough and you know that49500:19:15,290 --> 00:19:18,740sounds so cliche we all know that's one49600:19:17,180 --> 00:19:20,090of the main things Rachel of course49700:19:18,740 --> 00:19:22,370you're good enough but it's like that49800:19:20,090 --> 00:19:24,230was really what I believed was that I49900:19:22,370 --> 00:19:27,620wasn't good enough for like anyone in my50000:19:24,230 --> 00:19:29,690life to love me or for me to be worthy50100:19:27,620 --> 00:19:33,200of anything that I wanted to my life I50200:19:29,690 --> 00:19:35,090felt like I didn't matter and unless I50300:19:33,200 --> 00:19:37,400had all these things like unless I was50400:19:35,090 --> 00:19:39,230the skinniest or unless I was this thing50500:19:37,400 --> 00:19:40,700or this thing or at the top of this or50600:19:39,230 --> 00:19:44,300unless they got to this destination I50700:19:40,700 --> 00:19:46,130wasn't worthy or anything and then50800:19:44,300 --> 00:19:47,419another big piece of the internal50900:19:46,130 --> 00:19:50,299dialogue that I was struggling51000:19:47,419 --> 00:19:53,149it was just this constant I call it a51100:19:50,299 --> 00:19:56,839downward spiral where let's say that51200:19:53,149 --> 00:19:58,309there's an event that happens like your51300:19:56,839 --> 00:20:00,559friend says oh it looks like you've51400:19:58,309 --> 00:20:02,179gained weight and for someone who's51500:20:00,559 --> 00:20:05,299prepping for a bodybuilding competition51600:20:02,179 --> 00:20:08,570who's like trying to put on muscle let's51700:20:05,299 --> 00:20:09,950say maybe like oh thank you so much but51800:20:08,570 --> 00:20:11,749for someone who's trying to lose weight51900:20:09,950 --> 00:20:13,700that could be the worst thing that would52000:20:11,749 --> 00:20:15,169shatter their day so it's not52100:20:13,700 --> 00:20:16,969necessarily about what happens on the52200:20:15,169 --> 00:20:19,669outside it's like what is our internal52300:20:16,969 --> 00:20:20,899representation systems and so everything52400:20:19,669 --> 00:20:22,969that was happening to me52500:20:20,899 --> 00:20:24,799I took is like evidence that the52600:20:22,969 --> 00:20:26,690universe was out to get me that you know52700:20:24,799 --> 00:20:28,969whatever that my life was shit and that52800:20:26,690 --> 00:20:31,820I was shit and that everything that52900:20:28,969 --> 00:20:35,899happened in my life would always be at53000:20:31,820 --> 00:20:37,999my expense and then and turn that and53100:20:35,899 --> 00:20:40,369that definitely affected the way that I53200:20:37,999 --> 00:20:41,929behaved in the external world and what53300:20:40,369 --> 00:20:44,389how I treated my relationships and how I53400:20:41,929 --> 00:20:46,579treated myself which then affected the53500:20:44,389 --> 00:20:49,309external events as well so it was like53600:20:46,579 --> 00:20:51,379this downward spiral in this loop that53700:20:49,309 --> 00:20:53,209kept happening where anything that53800:20:51,379 --> 00:20:54,320happened I took as evidence that you53900:20:53,209 --> 00:20:56,769know my life wasn't good enough or I54000:20:54,320 --> 00:20:59,179wasn't good enough and then it be54100:20:56,769 --> 00:21:00,709influenced my behavior which influenced54200:20:59,179 --> 00:21:02,479the external events in my life54300:21:00,709 --> 00:21:05,029so is this never-ending loop you know I54400:21:02,479 --> 00:21:07,969mean and that was all that was going on54500:21:05,029 --> 00:21:11,149when I was in that darkness and now I'm54600:21:07,969 --> 00:21:12,999I used this tool as a way to reverse it54700:21:11,149 --> 00:21:15,169and turn it into an upward spiral54800:21:12,999 --> 00:21:17,749instead of a downward spiral so if54900:21:15,169 --> 00:21:20,209something happens I asked myself what55000:21:17,749 --> 00:21:22,369else could this mean other than my life55100:21:20,209 --> 00:21:24,409is shit or whatever Wells could this55200:21:22,369 --> 00:21:26,779mean what else could I be looking for in55300:21:24,409 --> 00:21:28,219terms of a lesson here to learn and then55400:21:26,779 --> 00:21:29,809it turns it into a different experience55500:21:28,219 --> 00:21:31,249for me altogether and I wish that I knew55600:21:29,809 --> 00:21:34,159that when I was younger but I'm also55700:21:31,249 --> 00:21:36,499grateful that I didn't so that I could55800:21:34,159 --> 00:21:38,419go through that time and get to know55900:21:36,499 --> 00:21:39,769myself on such an intimate level that I56000:21:38,419 --> 00:21:41,479don't think I would have had the56100:21:39,769 --> 00:21:43,190opportunity to otherwise unless I'd have56200:21:41,479 --> 00:21:45,950really gone that deep with myself so56300:21:43,190 --> 00:21:47,929yeah that's kind of a little insight56400:21:45,950 --> 00:21:50,779into what was really going on thanks for56500:21:47,929 --> 00:21:54,049asking thank you for being willing to56600:21:50,779 --> 00:21:55,609share I I again recognize you know the56700:21:54,049 --> 00:21:58,010courage that it takes to talk about it56800:21:55,609 --> 00:22:00,679in the vulnerability that56900:21:58,010 --> 00:22:04,400going there it's you know it's just it's57000:22:00,679 --> 00:22:07,370it's thank you for for being willing to57100:22:04,400 --> 00:22:10,610get serve on one and talk about it you57200:22:07,370 --> 00:22:16,610know you mentioned the those feelings of57300:22:10,610 --> 00:22:18,679unworthiness and hopelessness among the57400:22:16,610 --> 00:22:22,220other things that you're speaking of and57500:22:18,679 --> 00:22:25,280how now you have this tool to ask that57600:22:22,220 --> 00:22:28,370beautiful question it's an awesome57700:22:25,280 --> 00:22:30,429question you know what else does this57800:22:28,370 --> 00:22:33,350mean I think that's great57900:22:30,429 --> 00:22:36,290what was the bridge between those two58000:22:33,350 --> 00:22:39,020things what was there was it the Tony58100:22:36,290 --> 00:22:41,510Robbins event then that really came in58200:22:39,020 --> 00:22:47,900as the instrument of change like what58300:22:41,510 --> 00:22:50,750was that vehicle that enabled you to get58400:22:47,900 --> 00:22:53,600yourself out of that I would say that it58500:22:50,750 --> 00:22:55,220actually as corny as it sounds yeah that58600:22:53,600 --> 00:22:56,780was totally with the Tony Robbins event58700:22:55,220 --> 00:22:59,360I think that really turned things around58800:22:56,780 --> 00:23:01,640for me just because it unveiled this new58900:22:59,360 --> 00:23:03,820perception for me which was that oh59000:23:01,640 --> 00:23:07,160maybe I can be in charge of my thoughts59100:23:03,820 --> 00:23:10,700maybe I can be in charge of the way that59200:23:07,160 --> 00:23:12,919I feel and have a real-life experience59300:23:10,700 --> 00:23:14,299where that is the case so it was59400:23:12,919 --> 00:23:16,370definitely like my first introduction59500:23:14,299 --> 00:23:18,559into personal development and I think59600:23:16,370 --> 00:23:20,630that for that only that only reason59700:23:18,559 --> 00:23:21,860about it being about personal59800:23:20,630 --> 00:23:23,960development and me never have any59900:23:21,860 --> 00:23:26,120experience with that before it just hit60000:23:23,960 --> 00:23:29,000me like a rocket ship and I was like wow60100:23:26,120 --> 00:23:30,620this is amazing and I got totally60200:23:29,000 --> 00:23:32,270obsessed with personal development in60300:23:30,620 --> 00:23:34,100all different ways started reading60400:23:32,270 --> 00:23:35,990everything about Brenda Bouchard and60500:23:34,100 --> 00:23:37,250Louise Hay and like going into all these60600:23:35,990 --> 00:23:38,660different little rabbit holes about60700:23:37,250 --> 00:23:40,460personal development in spirituality60800:23:38,660 --> 00:23:42,530after that because I was so excited60900:23:40,460 --> 00:23:44,210about it and I wanted to share it with61000:23:42,530 --> 00:23:46,010the world of course so I would say that61100:23:44,210 --> 00:23:50,570was definitely the pivotal turning point61200:23:46,010 --> 00:23:55,630for me definitely once you had that that61300:23:50,570 --> 00:23:57,740switch what if the paths look like and61400:23:55,630 --> 00:24:00,260and I'm again I'm asking about the61500:23:57,740 --> 00:24:03,790detail you know what did that path61600:24:00,260 --> 00:24:07,070actually look like I mean how long and61700:24:03,790 --> 00:24:08,540and it's probably it could be hard to so61800:24:07,070 --> 00:24:10,190like piece together the chronology61900:24:08,540 --> 00:24:12,590exactly but like62000:24:10,190 --> 00:24:17,509what were those were those building62100:24:12,590 --> 00:24:18,559blocks like when did you start yeah and62200:24:17,509 --> 00:24:19,639I'm again I'm not sure if this is a62300:24:18,559 --> 00:24:21,049right question but but when did you62400:24:19,639 --> 00:24:23,539start feeling better when did when did62500:24:21,049 --> 00:24:26,809you when did the beliefs start to change62600:24:23,539 --> 00:24:29,480when did the the instead of the downward62700:24:26,809 --> 00:24:32,330cycle when did that turn into an upward62800:24:29,480 --> 00:24:34,429cycle and like how what did that look62900:24:32,330 --> 00:24:36,950like fundamentally the those pivotal63000:24:34,429 --> 00:24:40,090moments along the way yeah and it took a63100:24:36,950 --> 00:24:42,230while I mean living most of your life63200:24:40,090 --> 00:24:44,600condition to think in a certain pattern63300:24:42,230 --> 00:24:46,070just takes a while to transition and63400:24:44,600 --> 00:24:48,590there were definitely highs and lows63500:24:46,070 --> 00:24:50,330within that journey but I think that63600:24:48,590 --> 00:24:51,379it's still something that I work on63700:24:50,330 --> 00:24:53,419every single day63800:24:51,379 --> 00:24:56,389like it never really ends which is funny63900:24:53,419 --> 00:24:58,879and I think that some people might argue64000:24:56,389 --> 00:25:01,730that it does and I think that it gets64100:24:58,879 --> 00:25:04,039really easy after a while like right now64200:25:01,730 --> 00:25:06,230it's like a split second that I spend64300:25:04,039 --> 00:25:08,960thinking and victim mentality versus64400:25:06,230 --> 00:25:10,549leadership mentality and then I switch64500:25:08,960 --> 00:25:13,399and I know exactly what's really going64600:25:10,549 --> 00:25:20,509on or you know I might choose to indulge64700:25:13,399 --> 00:25:22,190in a little victim wrong today like poor64800:25:20,509 --> 00:25:23,600me and then a couple minutes later I'm64900:25:22,190 --> 00:25:24,679like all right Rachel let's let's get65000:25:23,600 --> 00:25:27,529back on the horse let's make this thing65100:25:24,679 --> 00:25:29,149work and so I think that it's still an65200:25:27,529 --> 00:25:30,710ongoing thing where you have to make65300:25:29,149 --> 00:25:32,149that a conscious decision every day that65400:25:30,710 --> 00:25:34,580you're going to choose to view the world65500:25:32,149 --> 00:25:35,960through an empowering lens and that's65600:25:34,580 --> 00:25:37,610what I try to do every day because65700:25:35,960 --> 00:25:39,830otherwise you know it gets messy again65800:25:37,610 --> 00:25:41,809so easy to be cynical and it's so easy65900:25:39,830 --> 00:25:43,460to be negative and it's so natural to66000:25:41,809 --> 00:25:45,529kind of divert into that type of66100:25:43,460 --> 00:25:47,210behavior and way of thinking it's a much66200:25:45,529 --> 00:25:49,429harder and much more challenging to be66300:25:47,210 --> 00:25:50,929consistently positive I think a lot of66400:25:49,429 --> 00:25:53,210people look at positive people and they66500:25:50,929 --> 00:25:55,250kind of have this resentment towards66600:25:53,210 --> 00:25:57,679them because they can be like annoying66700:25:55,250 --> 00:26:00,769or realistic enough or something like66800:25:57,679 --> 00:26:02,029that but I think that the most powerful66900:26:00,769 --> 00:26:04,309thing you can do for yourself is to67000:26:02,029 --> 00:26:07,190consistently look for the best in every67100:26:04,309 --> 00:26:08,870situation not just to be happy but to67200:26:07,190 --> 00:26:10,789actually view the world for what it is67300:26:08,870 --> 00:26:14,090which is a big opportunity and an67400:26:10,789 --> 00:26:16,009adventure and it's fun so it's still a67500:26:14,090 --> 00:26:17,240daily thing where I have to decide you67600:26:16,009 --> 00:26:18,500know how am I going to view the world67700:26:17,240 --> 00:26:20,809today and how am I going to view myself67800:26:18,500 --> 00:26:21,919today those are the biggest decisions I67900:26:20,809 --> 00:26:23,710make every day they're the most68000:26:21,919 --> 00:26:27,770important68100:26:23,710 --> 00:26:31,700how do you build into your day the68200:26:27,770 --> 00:26:34,640habits that allow you to to make those68300:26:31,700 --> 00:26:36,410choices I mean again I may not be asking68400:26:34,640 --> 00:26:37,610the the right question but hopefully you68500:26:36,410 --> 00:26:41,210kind of see where I'm where I'm coming68600:26:37,610 --> 00:26:42,680from like what tools do you build it68700:26:41,210 --> 00:26:46,850into your routine or68800:26:42,680 --> 00:26:49,610or you know what sort of routine have68900:26:46,850 --> 00:26:53,930you built that allows you to continue69000:26:49,610 --> 00:26:55,820this positive positive cycle great69100:26:53,930 --> 00:26:59,090question because I know like that you69200:26:55,820 --> 00:27:00,710asked what habits do I have like what69300:26:59,090 --> 00:27:02,510tools what happens do I use to69400:27:00,710 --> 00:27:03,920consistently do that and I think that if69500:27:02,510 --> 00:27:05,390you're doing anything for the first time69600:27:03,920 --> 00:27:06,620and you want it to be a habit you have69700:27:05,390 --> 00:27:07,940to treat it like I have it like it's69800:27:06,620 --> 00:27:09,140part of your day it doesn't go on your69900:27:07,940 --> 00:27:11,510to-do list and then you do it like70000:27:09,140 --> 00:27:14,090sometime hopefully it fits into your70100:27:11,510 --> 00:27:15,820daily schedule so what I love to do is a70200:27:14,090 --> 00:27:18,650little bit of meditation in the morning70300:27:15,820 --> 00:27:20,900I'm not the most consistent with it but70400:27:18,650 --> 00:27:23,690I do try so I'm gonna put that in there70500:27:20,900 --> 00:27:25,400I definitely have gotten a lot out of70600:27:23,690 --> 00:27:27,980just sitting with my own thoughts and70700:27:25,400 --> 00:27:29,930not necessarily trying to silence them I70800:27:27,980 --> 00:27:33,050just sit there and I just watch them go70900:27:29,930 --> 00:27:35,210by and I just observe what it is I'm71000:27:33,050 --> 00:27:36,890thinking about what it is consuming my71100:27:35,210 --> 00:27:39,140mind that day because sometimes it's71200:27:36,890 --> 00:27:40,670something really like trivial and71300:27:39,140 --> 00:27:42,320sometimes it's a big thing that I71400:27:40,670 --> 00:27:44,360actually do need to marinate on and kind71500:27:42,320 --> 00:27:45,770of think about but checking in myself71600:27:44,360 --> 00:27:47,870every morning and sitting down and71700:27:45,770 --> 00:27:49,340actually just taking inventory I guess71800:27:47,870 --> 00:27:51,650of what's taking up the most mental71900:27:49,340 --> 00:27:53,600space has been really clarifying for me72000:27:51,650 --> 00:27:55,990to have that awareness around what's72100:27:53,600 --> 00:27:59,330coming up that day that I might need to72200:27:55,990 --> 00:28:01,550take a closer look at and then I journal72300:27:59,330 --> 00:28:03,200at night and this is something this is72400:28:01,550 --> 00:28:04,880definitely something that you know I72500:28:03,200 --> 00:28:06,440used to listen to podcasts and someone72600:28:04,880 --> 00:28:07,550would say I did this morning routine had72700:28:06,440 --> 00:28:09,740my green juice they jump on the72800:28:07,550 --> 00:28:11,660trampoline and then and then I go to the72900:28:09,740 --> 00:28:13,430park with my kids and I do this and then73000:28:11,660 --> 00:28:15,140I have a green smoothie again and then73100:28:13,430 --> 00:28:17,540they had bone marrow and then my day73200:28:15,140 --> 00:28:19,670left you a great start and I journey and73300:28:17,540 --> 00:28:23,900I used to be like okay buddy I get it73400:28:19,670 --> 00:28:26,210like you journal but I'm telling you73500:28:23,900 --> 00:28:27,800guys if you don't journal I should73600:28:26,210 --> 00:28:30,200probably start because I resisted that73700:28:27,800 --> 00:28:32,330for so long and then once I started73800:28:30,200 --> 00:28:34,340journaling I realized so many things73900:28:32,330 --> 00:28:36,200about myself it was almost like I used74000:28:34,340 --> 00:28:37,520it as a coaching relationship with74100:28:36,200 --> 00:28:39,680myself right74200:28:37,520 --> 00:28:41,780my thoughts and give myself feedback and74300:28:39,680 --> 00:28:43,550then grow as a person as a result so I74400:28:41,780 --> 00:28:45,740found it incredibly helpful to unload74500:28:43,550 --> 00:28:47,780after every day and I just keep it74600:28:45,740 --> 00:28:50,360simple I try to keep my life incredibly74700:28:47,780 --> 00:28:52,640simple because it does have the74800:28:50,360 --> 00:28:54,590possibility to get out of hand pretty74900:28:52,640 --> 00:28:55,820quickly so it's just meditation and75000:28:54,590 --> 00:28:57,440journaling I know that if I'm doing75100:28:55,820 --> 00:28:59,200those every day I'm probably on a good75200:28:57,440 --> 00:29:02,740track75300:28:59,200 --> 00:29:05,330why did you choose to journal at night75400:29:02,740 --> 00:29:08,210versus in the morning like how did you75500:29:05,330 --> 00:29:13,430make that decision I think at night I'm75600:29:08,210 --> 00:29:15,200more I'm more in a reflective state in75700:29:13,430 --> 00:29:17,200the morning I'm more like an excited75800:29:15,200 --> 00:29:19,610like ready to get the day going state75900:29:17,200 --> 00:29:22,040plus I take forever to write because I'm76000:29:19,610 --> 00:29:23,450such a slow writer and in some way less76100:29:22,040 --> 00:29:25,190annoying to spend like an hour76200:29:23,450 --> 00:29:26,600journaling at night than it is right in76300:29:25,190 --> 00:29:28,130the morning for me in the morning I want76400:29:26,600 --> 00:29:29,750to get up and go and that's just kind of76500:29:28,130 --> 00:29:33,430the person I am I'm a morning person and76600:29:29,750 --> 00:29:38,690then at night journaling is a lot easier76700:29:33,430 --> 00:29:43,370you mentioned how your top value was76800:29:38,690 --> 00:29:53,180love mm-hmm why how did you how did you76900:29:43,370 --> 00:29:55,130come to that discovery I if you if you77000:29:53,180 --> 00:29:57,230strip everything down to really what it77100:29:55,130 --> 00:30:01,970is in life and what we're all looking77200:29:57,230 --> 00:30:03,410for I mean if I can kind of turn this on77300:30:01,970 --> 00:30:07,300you and ask you like what's your77400:30:03,410 --> 00:30:07,300number-one goal right now in your life77500:30:07,450 --> 00:30:16,250well I believe that my purpose is to be77600:30:11,780 --> 00:30:18,800on a journey of self-discovery and the77700:30:16,250 --> 00:30:22,070reason why is so that I can more fully77800:30:18,800 --> 00:30:24,560and authentically express myself and the77900:30:22,070 --> 00:30:26,360reason I say that is because and this78000:30:24,560 --> 00:30:30,320happened like five or six on days ago I78100:30:26,360 --> 00:30:31,970literally sat down and I'm I'm Jewish78200:30:30,320 --> 00:30:33,410and the reason I say is because it's78300:30:31,970 --> 00:30:35,090relevant to the story but I literally78400:30:33,410 --> 00:30:36,950took a scroll you know people of the78500:30:35,090 --> 00:30:39,410scroll and I took this I took a scroll78600:30:36,950 --> 00:30:40,970and like I sat down and I wrote and I78700:30:39,410 --> 00:30:45,290wrote and I run it for like five hours78800:30:40,970 --> 00:30:47,660straight and that was what I came up78900:30:45,290 --> 00:30:49,520with like I'm on a journey of79000:30:47,660 --> 00:30:51,230self-discovery it literally never ends79100:30:49,520 --> 00:30:55,370the reason79200:30:51,230 --> 00:30:57,710is to more fully and authentically79300:30:55,370 --> 00:31:01,490express myself but I realize it's really79400:30:57,710 --> 00:31:02,779difficult because and difficult in a79500:31:01,490 --> 00:31:05,809good way difficult in a good way because79600:31:02,779 --> 00:31:09,110I believe that we have a lot of layers79700:31:05,809 --> 00:31:12,080as people I believe that we have tons of79800:31:09,110 --> 00:31:14,539layers there's like the the core of who79900:31:12,080 --> 00:31:16,159we are right and that's always there it80000:31:14,539 --> 00:31:16,730never goes away may get buried but it80100:31:16,159 --> 00:31:19,389never goes away80200:31:16,730 --> 00:31:23,860then there are those external factors80300:31:19,389 --> 00:31:27,889there's those external influences and80400:31:23,860 --> 00:31:31,669those you know come and go as as life80500:31:27,889 --> 00:31:36,019goes on and some of them are in our80600:31:31,669 --> 00:31:37,730control some of them are not and then so80700:31:36,019 --> 00:31:40,639those two things are like there and then80800:31:37,730 --> 00:31:42,679they're like interacting with each other80900:31:40,639 --> 00:31:44,210and so that creates like this other area81000:31:42,679 --> 00:31:45,289and then we're dynamic creatures so81100:31:44,210 --> 00:31:47,919we're always living so there's always81200:31:45,289 --> 00:31:50,750more being added so I truly feel like81300:31:47,919 --> 00:31:54,049there's like a bajillion things to work81400:31:50,750 --> 00:31:55,909on and it's really a never-ending thing81500:31:54,049 --> 00:31:58,850and so looking at that and trying to81600:31:55,909 --> 00:32:02,659like it dig deep and truly figure out81700:31:58,850 --> 00:32:06,789who I am that to me is the most81800:32:02,659 --> 00:32:09,080important thing that is my purpose81900:32:06,789 --> 00:32:10,010that's what I'm here to do so hopefully82000:32:09,080 --> 00:32:11,899that answered your question82100:32:10,010 --> 00:32:15,260I know kind of want to contain follow up82200:32:11,899 --> 00:32:17,149questions so what happens when you fully82300:32:15,260 --> 00:32:21,559express yourself and you fully know who82400:32:17,149 --> 00:32:23,210you are think what do you feel I'm not82500:32:21,559 --> 00:32:26,740sure I think I'm on the journey to82600:32:23,210 --> 00:32:29,750figure that out hopefully love hopefully82700:32:26,740 --> 00:32:32,389a lot of people would say well82800:32:29,750 --> 00:32:35,240connection like I fully express myself82900:32:32,389 --> 00:32:36,320and I'll finally feel like myself you83000:32:35,240 --> 00:32:39,200know and then I'll be able to be83100:32:36,320 --> 00:32:40,460connected to people more and then well83200:32:39,200 --> 00:32:42,230why do you need to feel connected to83300:32:40,460 --> 00:32:44,750people because well I mean I want to83400:32:42,230 --> 00:32:47,389feel seen I want to feel understood I83500:32:44,750 --> 00:32:48,950want to feel like accepted and loved by83600:32:47,389 --> 00:32:50,600other people they probably want that83700:32:48,950 --> 00:32:52,279from you too they every once wants to83800:32:50,600 --> 00:32:53,960feel really loved and unconditionally83900:32:52,279 --> 00:32:56,120supported that's what we're all after84000:32:53,960 --> 00:32:57,440when it all comes down to it and we can84100:32:56,120 --> 00:32:59,899mask that in a bunch of different ways84200:32:57,440 --> 00:33:01,490like maybe I'll mask it in a car and I84300:32:59,899 --> 00:33:02,870think that if I have a certain car that84400:33:01,490 --> 00:33:05,270people will think well of me and maybe84500:33:02,870 --> 00:33:08,570they'll be more apt to love me84600:33:05,270 --> 00:33:10,610or something like that or I will just do84700:33:08,570 --> 00:33:12,920something in my life that means you know84800:33:10,610 --> 00:33:14,570I'm a minimalist or I'm a vegan or84900:33:12,920 --> 00:33:16,460something like that and everything that85000:33:14,570 --> 00:33:18,710people do all comes down to either fear85100:33:16,460 --> 00:33:21,020or love they're either operating from85200:33:18,710 --> 00:33:23,510one of those two places and so for me85300:33:21,020 --> 00:33:26,540and my North Star and my compass my true85400:33:23,510 --> 00:33:28,280north is love because I know that if I'm85500:33:26,540 --> 00:33:30,170operating from love and abundance I'm85600:33:28,280 --> 00:33:31,550probably making the right decisions but85700:33:30,170 --> 00:33:34,400as soon as I start operating from85800:33:31,550 --> 00:33:37,340scarcity and fear and those low85900:33:34,400 --> 00:33:39,410vibrational feelings and emotions I'm86000:33:37,340 --> 00:33:41,060probably not making the best decisions86100:33:39,410 --> 00:33:44,180for my long-term future and ultimately86200:33:41,060 --> 00:33:46,010who I want to be as a person so love is86300:33:44,180 --> 00:33:48,170my top value just because I know that if86400:33:46,010 --> 00:33:50,420that's my true north I probably can't do86500:33:48,170 --> 00:33:52,400anything wrong in terms of my life path86600:33:50,420 --> 00:33:54,800and doing what I'm here to do which is86700:33:52,400 --> 00:33:57,470really just to give people exactly what86800:33:54,800 --> 00:34:02,870they want to need and every being on86900:33:57,470 --> 00:34:04,370earth which is love that's awesome that87000:34:02,870 --> 00:34:06,680is really awesome you know it's87100:34:04,370 --> 00:34:10,910interesting that you arrived at that87200:34:06,680 --> 00:34:13,400conclusion my my uncle I'm gonna have a87300:34:10,910 --> 00:34:15,950lot of us but one of my uncle's he's a87400:34:13,400 --> 00:34:21,110huge role model for me his name is Eric87500:34:15,950 --> 00:34:22,760Kaufman he's just truly a huge87600:34:21,110 --> 00:34:25,700inspiration in my life when he was in87700:34:22,760 --> 00:34:30,040his like late 20s he had been leading87800:34:25,700 --> 00:34:32,810like a spiritual practice of meditation87900:34:30,040 --> 00:34:34,310and I forget the exact word of what it's88000:34:32,810 --> 00:34:38,240called but he was basically like leading88100:34:34,310 --> 00:34:39,830communities of spiritual practice and he88200:34:38,240 --> 00:34:41,870had he had gotten to this place in his88300:34:39,830 --> 00:34:45,410journey where he decided that the only88400:34:41,870 --> 00:34:49,130way for him to really go to the next88500:34:45,410 --> 00:34:51,710level to so make progress was to sell88600:34:49,130 --> 00:34:53,720all of us worldly possessions and like88700:34:51,710 --> 00:35:00,790give everything up go into the woods88800:34:53,720 --> 00:35:04,460build a cabin and just meditate know and88900:35:00,790 --> 00:35:07,310like he was there for I think is89000:35:04,460 --> 00:35:11,810somewhere between 8 to 12 months Wow and89100:35:07,310 --> 00:35:13,160he was just there like and he's given a89200:35:11,810 --> 00:35:14,720TED talk and he talks a little bit about89300:35:13,160 --> 00:35:16,310the experience that's there but he went89400:35:14,720 --> 00:35:18,859there's he he went to a very dark place89500:35:16,310 --> 00:35:21,859and then he came out the other side89600:35:18,859 --> 00:35:23,329and I'm very grateful that he did but89700:35:21,859 --> 00:35:26,329his conclusion and he and I were talking89800:35:23,329 --> 00:35:30,799about this recently was that the overall89900:35:26,329 --> 00:35:35,329purpose too was to both receive and90000:35:30,799 --> 00:35:37,670exude love so it's so interesting that90100:35:35,329 --> 00:35:39,739you came to the same conclusion as him90200:35:37,670 --> 00:35:41,450when it doesn't really seem like you90300:35:39,739 --> 00:35:43,359went out into the woods for eight to 1290400:35:41,450 --> 00:35:49,700months and sat by yourself in meditation90500:35:43,359 --> 00:35:51,600no but I took enough mushrooms okay I90600:35:49,700 --> 00:35:55,359would love to hear that story90700:35:51,600 --> 00:36:02,390[Laughter]90800:35:55,359 --> 00:36:04,160yeah cool so was that how you just how90900:36:02,390 --> 00:36:07,039you came to this conclusion like how did91000:36:04,160 --> 00:36:09,890you discover that love was sure it was91100:36:07,039 --> 00:36:12,859you're taught value your core value well91200:36:09,890 --> 00:36:15,349I think I decided it wasn't a discovery91300:36:12,859 --> 00:36:17,299it was a decision so I think that I had91400:36:15,349 --> 00:36:19,489so many opportunities in my life to91500:36:17,299 --> 00:36:21,289experience you know both ends of the91600:36:19,489 --> 00:36:23,029spectrum it's like being loved and then91700:36:21,289 --> 00:36:25,640being hated and feeling loving feeling91800:36:23,029 --> 00:36:28,400hate and giving that out into the world91900:36:25,640 --> 00:36:29,509and I just realized I don't think it was92000:36:28,400 --> 00:36:32,569like a moment it was just like a92100:36:29,509 --> 00:36:33,920collective knowledge and eventually a92200:36:32,569 --> 00:36:35,989decision where I was like you know the92300:36:33,920 --> 00:36:37,640world in my life and everyone's life92400:36:35,989 --> 00:36:39,170around me and ultimately what I want to92500:36:37,640 --> 00:36:42,469create in the world and what I think my92600:36:39,170 --> 00:36:44,239role is here goes so much better if I92700:36:42,469 --> 00:36:46,039just stay centered and grounded in this92800:36:44,239 --> 00:36:48,319place of giving and abundance and love92900:36:46,039 --> 00:36:50,029and service like that's just it and93000:36:48,319 --> 00:36:52,190that's where I try to stay centered in93100:36:50,029 --> 00:36:55,039terms of my team and how I talk to them93200:36:52,190 --> 00:36:56,989what I do with my students how I operate93300:36:55,039 --> 00:36:59,599with my social media channels I mean I93400:36:56,989 --> 00:37:01,880honestly think that a big reason why93500:36:59,599 --> 00:37:03,709people pay attention to what I'm doing93600:37:01,880 --> 00:37:06,289is because they know that I come from a93700:37:03,709 --> 00:37:09,049place of service and love and that I am93800:37:06,289 --> 00:37:11,479chill living in a tent on the beach with93900:37:09,049 --> 00:37:16,579$20 in my bank account I'm not doing it94000:37:11,479 --> 00:37:18,319for whatever egoic things come as a94100:37:16,579 --> 00:37:21,019result of this journey which could be a94200:37:18,319 --> 00:37:23,119lot I'm doing it because I honestly want94300:37:21,019 --> 00:37:25,459to impact the world on a deeper level in94400:37:23,119 --> 00:37:26,900terms of love and service and that's94500:37:25,459 --> 00:37:28,609just kind of where I'm coming from with94600:37:26,900 --> 00:37:31,609that so it was definitely a decision and94700:37:28,609 --> 00:37:32,740we're not when I made that decision it94800:37:31,609 --> 00:37:35,750was like a very94900:37:32,740 --> 00:37:37,730affirming process for me because I95000:37:35,750 --> 00:37:38,780looked at every relationship in my life95100:37:37,730 --> 00:37:40,400I looked at everything that I was doing95200:37:38,780 --> 00:37:43,160all the habits that I was doing95300:37:40,400 --> 00:37:45,680everything that I thought I was and who95400:37:43,160 --> 00:37:47,480I am and I put it through that lens that95500:37:45,680 --> 00:37:49,970like does this equal love is this95600:37:47,480 --> 00:37:52,280impacting me in a more loving way and95700:37:49,970 --> 00:37:53,869anything that wasn't I knew it had to go95800:37:52,280 --> 00:37:56,210and everything that was I knew I had to95900:37:53,869 --> 00:37:58,250focus on more so having values and96000:37:56,210 --> 00:38:00,740deciding on those helps you make96100:37:58,250 --> 00:38:02,420decisions so much easier and I think96200:38:00,740 --> 00:38:04,040that people who have a hard time making96300:38:02,420 --> 00:38:06,079decisions because I used to be like that96400:38:04,040 --> 00:38:07,339as well used to be like oh I don't know96500:38:06,079 --> 00:38:09,619what to do I don't know I don't know I96600:38:07,339 --> 00:38:11,660don't know but if I look deeper into96700:38:09,619 --> 00:38:15,410what are my values I mean those are just96800:38:11,660 --> 00:38:20,900the key key pillars to help you validate96900:38:15,410 --> 00:38:23,900and clarify what your values are so when97000:38:20,900 --> 00:38:30,680when you did get really clear on those97100:38:23,900 --> 00:38:33,200values did you feel like that's when the97200:38:30,680 --> 00:38:35,240business started to pick up and and97300:38:33,200 --> 00:38:37,849things really started to move forward97400:38:35,240 --> 00:38:40,490like what was the the parallel of97500:38:37,849 --> 00:38:41,119chronology there mm-hmm interesting97600:38:40,490 --> 00:38:43,970question97700:38:41,119 --> 00:38:46,640I don't think that I decided my top97800:38:43,970 --> 00:38:51,650value was loves years and years ago97900:38:46,640 --> 00:38:54,410probably when I was 18 and that was so I98000:38:51,650 --> 00:38:56,599can't say that it it was like the98100:38:54,410 --> 00:38:59,450exponential like business ultimate98200:38:56,599 --> 00:39:02,060funnel hack you know deciding the my top98300:38:59,450 --> 00:39:04,130value was love I can't directly equate98400:39:02,060 --> 00:39:06,680it to that but I do think that it made98500:39:04,130 --> 00:39:09,319my journey easier in that people sensed98600:39:06,680 --> 00:39:11,270that I wasn't in it for them necessarily98700:39:09,319 --> 00:39:12,560you know as cheesy as that sounds it's98800:39:11,270 --> 00:39:14,210just I think that people could really98900:39:12,560 --> 00:39:16,849sense that I was trying to do something99000:39:14,210 --> 00:39:19,310in the world and because of that and99100:39:16,849 --> 00:39:20,839because my poor you know North Star was99200:39:19,310 --> 00:39:22,310something that was a value and not99300:39:20,839 --> 00:39:24,319necessarily just a number in my bank99400:39:22,310 --> 00:39:27,560account I think a lot of people rallied99500:39:24,319 --> 00:39:29,000around me like mentors or first clients99600:39:27,560 --> 00:39:30,470who decided to trust me and things like99700:39:29,000 --> 00:39:32,240that they've rallied around me and99800:39:30,470 --> 00:39:33,950helped me in the beginning of my journey99900:39:32,240 --> 00:39:38,569because they sensed that I was coming100000:39:33,950 --> 00:39:41,839from a place of love so you went to Tony100100:39:38,569 --> 00:39:45,080Robbins at 16 you got really clear on100200:39:41,839 --> 00:39:46,850your values at 18 yes100300:39:45,080 --> 00:39:48,830and it seems like it I believe you said100400:39:46,850 --> 00:39:50,450you were you were interning and working100500:39:48,830 --> 00:39:55,850for people for free for about a year and100600:39:50,450 --> 00:39:57,860a half yeah so then when CH once you had100700:39:55,850 --> 00:40:00,650worked for people and you got this100800:39:57,860 --> 00:40:02,330knowledge and then you got really clear100900:40:00,650 --> 00:40:04,280on your values so you had like the101000:40:02,330 --> 00:40:09,230knowledge and you had like the the101100:40:04,280 --> 00:40:10,850character then is that when you started101200:40:09,230 --> 00:40:12,910to build your own products and to really101300:40:10,850 --> 00:40:16,280start to build out your own business101400:40:12,910 --> 00:40:19,760yeah so the whole timeline was 16 Tony101500:40:16,280 --> 00:40:21,410Robbins so but so amazing and then 18101600:40:19,760 --> 00:40:23,000was when I started looking at the real101700:40:21,410 --> 00:40:25,550world like man what am I gonna do for a101800:40:23,000 --> 00:40:27,200career and I remember that you know 20101900:40:25,550 --> 00:40:31,370Robbins is a thing I mean he can do it102000:40:27,200 --> 00:40:33,230why can't I write I started looking into102100:40:31,370 --> 00:40:34,760the internships worked at an internship102200:40:33,230 --> 00:40:38,000for like a year and a half almost two102300:40:34,760 --> 00:40:40,340years and then from there I had just102400:40:38,000 --> 00:40:42,110picked up more little virtual assistant102500:40:40,340 --> 00:40:44,030jobs helping people run the backend of102600:40:42,110 --> 00:40:45,680their businesses and things like that102700:40:44,030 --> 00:40:48,050writing content for them doing social102800:40:45,680 --> 00:40:49,340media like I was in the back end it so102900:40:48,050 --> 00:40:52,310many businesses in the coaching industry103000:40:49,340 --> 00:40:54,650that I just decided to do that again103100:40:52,310 --> 00:40:57,620after my internships for paid you know103200:40:54,650 --> 00:41:01,220for money this time and so I think it103300:40:57,620 --> 00:41:03,830took me like anywhere from three to four103400:41:01,220 --> 00:41:06,800years to really figure out what it was I103500:41:03,830 --> 00:41:08,780wanted to sell and that was a long time103600:41:06,800 --> 00:41:11,570because originally I I wanted to sell103700:41:08,780 --> 00:41:13,580life coaching but you know 18 years old103800:41:11,570 --> 00:41:15,53019 years old it's not a whole lot of103900:41:13,580 --> 00:41:17,750context there to do life coaching for me104000:41:15,530 --> 00:41:19,370and so I helped teen girls I had a104100:41:17,750 --> 00:41:21,080business called free spirit girl so I104200:41:19,370 --> 00:41:22,970helped teen girls with their body image104300:41:21,080 --> 00:41:24,740self-confidence and leadership skills104400:41:22,970 --> 00:41:26,840all things that I used to struggle with104500:41:24,740 --> 00:41:31,550but I wanted to get back and help them104600:41:26,840 --> 00:41:33,050with and and so that kind of transformed104700:41:31,550 --> 00:41:35,210into a bunch of different gigs and104800:41:33,050 --> 00:41:38,990eventually I landed on the social media104900:41:35,210 --> 00:41:42,560marketing agency originally agency it105000:41:38,990 --> 00:41:44,030was just me customer service and the105100:41:42,560 --> 00:41:46,460delivery and the sales person and105200:41:44,030 --> 00:41:48,920everything but eventually it became a105300:41:46,460 --> 00:41:51,260whole team once it grew and that's105400:41:48,920 --> 00:41:56,360what's grown into what true media is105500:41:51,260 --> 00:41:57,810today that is amazing so I really want105600:41:56,360 --> 00:42:02,280to understand105700:41:57,810 --> 00:42:06,360the transition from the $50 sandbox to105800:42:02,280 --> 00:42:08,490the high ticket offer like what were the105900:42:06,360 --> 00:42:09,840fundamental differences between those106000:42:08,490 --> 00:42:12,180because I feel like a lot of people are106100:42:09,840 --> 00:42:16,080in that sandbox they're like I'll do a106200:42:12,180 --> 00:42:18,330$7 membership and I'll create 400 pieces106300:42:16,080 --> 00:42:19,830of content a month and I'll write this106400:42:18,330 --> 00:42:23,040know create this ebook and hop this106500:42:19,830 --> 00:42:27,030funnel but how do you actually like106600:42:23,040 --> 00:42:29,910package the stuff that you know into106700:42:27,030 --> 00:42:33,000that really high ticket item like how106800:42:29,910 --> 00:42:35,640did you practically do it mm-hmm106900:42:33,000 --> 00:42:37,770great question so with every high ticket107000:42:35,640 --> 00:42:39,480offer in terms of when it comes to107100:42:37,770 --> 00:42:41,400coaching and consulting and mentorship107200:42:39,480 --> 00:42:43,230and bringing a client through a107300:42:41,400 --> 00:42:44,970transformation because that's ultimately107400:42:43,230 --> 00:42:46,260why people will pay you any amount of107500:42:44,970 --> 00:42:48,800money is because they want their107600:42:46,260 --> 00:42:51,060transformation now does that mean that107700:42:48,800 --> 00:42:52,590you need to include all of your107800:42:51,060 --> 00:42:54,530knowledge and everything that you ever107900:42:52,590 --> 00:42:56,970learned and give them more information108000:42:54,530 --> 00:42:58,590most of the times actually not and108100:42:56,970 --> 00:43:00,360that's what's really confusing about it108200:42:58,590 --> 00:43:02,760at first they're like men if I'm selling108300:43:00,360 --> 00:43:05,010something for a 2 grand how the hell am108400:43:02,760 --> 00:43:07,700I going to include that much value in108500:43:05,010 --> 00:43:11,280just 90 days or something like that and108600:43:07,700 --> 00:43:13,770my invitation to that way of thinking is108700:43:11,280 --> 00:43:16,020to think about how many people if they108800:43:13,770 --> 00:43:18,960could just take one little pill and to108900:43:16,020 --> 00:43:21,420lose 30 pounds and have it overnight how109000:43:18,960 --> 00:43:23,190much would they pay for that pill even109100:43:21,420 --> 00:43:25,590though it technically only lasts two109200:43:23,190 --> 00:43:28,440hours or it's only this much or it's109300:43:25,590 --> 00:43:31,650whatever it can come in a very small and109400:43:28,440 --> 00:43:33,480simple and very straightforward package109500:43:31,650 --> 00:43:35,190and still provide the result most people109600:43:33,480 --> 00:43:36,810would be stoked not having to do more109700:43:35,190 --> 00:43:38,700than what they have to do to achieve109800:43:36,810 --> 00:43:40,200that result so a lot of people think109900:43:38,700 --> 00:43:41,520that if you have a bag and this is your110000:43:40,200 --> 00:43:43,290offer or something like that putting110100:43:41,520 --> 00:43:45,330more stuff in the bag makes it more110200:43:43,290 --> 00:43:47,040valuable when really the only thing that110300:43:45,330 --> 00:43:49,020makes your offer valuable is how quick110400:43:47,040 --> 00:43:51,720and efficient the transformation is that110500:43:49,020 --> 00:43:53,400you provide to your clients that's it so110600:43:51,720 --> 00:43:54,990when it comes to providing that110700:43:53,400 --> 00:43:56,550transformation I believe that a good110800:43:54,990 --> 00:43:58,680coaching offer and a good consulting110900:43:56,550 --> 00:44:00,630offer has three main ingredients its111000:43:58,680 --> 00:44:02,430education which means that you're111100:44:00,630 --> 00:44:04,590teaching the client what they need to do111200:44:02,430 --> 00:44:06,600and a lot of coaches stop there they111300:44:04,590 --> 00:44:07,710just expect to get on a call and they're111400:44:06,600 --> 00:44:10,290like here's what you need to do this111500:44:07,710 --> 00:44:11,279week ok bye see you next week or what do111600:44:10,290 --> 00:44:13,380you want to talk about this111700:44:11,279 --> 00:44:15,299Kathy and Kathy doesn't know keshite111800:44:13,380 --> 00:44:16,709she's the student you're the coach and111900:44:15,299 --> 00:44:18,059so you guys talk about her life and her112000:44:16,709 --> 00:44:19,169husband a little bit then she gets off112100:44:18,059 --> 00:44:21,809the call and you're like okay I guess112200:44:19,169 --> 00:44:23,130that was coaching so education needs to112300:44:21,809 --> 00:44:25,499be a big piece about it you need to112400:44:23,130 --> 00:44:27,959actually teach your clients what it is112500:44:25,499 --> 00:44:30,449they need to do another piece of it is112600:44:27,959 --> 00:44:31,859implementation so if you were just112700:44:30,449 --> 00:44:33,569educating but the client isn't112800:44:31,859 --> 00:44:35,039demonstrating that they understand what112900:44:33,569 --> 00:44:36,809you're saying through homework or113000:44:35,039 --> 00:44:38,400through assignments or through like113100:44:36,809 --> 00:44:40,499little mini missions and things like113200:44:38,400 --> 00:44:43,289that then there's no way for you to113300:44:40,499 --> 00:44:45,719actually measure and track your progress113400:44:43,289 --> 00:44:47,819as a coach which means at the end of113500:44:45,719 --> 00:44:49,140your results with them they may not be113600:44:47,819 --> 00:44:51,199able to provide a testimonial which113700:44:49,140 --> 00:44:53,400means you need to go out and create more113800:44:51,199 --> 00:44:54,719clients to get more testimonials and113900:44:53,400 --> 00:44:57,390more referrals which is just a114000:44:54,719 --> 00:44:59,130never-ending hamster wheel so providing114100:44:57,390 --> 00:45:00,449amazing results is imperative not just114200:44:59,130 --> 00:45:02,219because it helps you in your marketing114300:45:00,449 --> 00:45:03,479but because you know the client used to114400:45:02,219 --> 00:45:05,579demonstrate that they know what you're114500:45:03,479 --> 00:45:09,359talking about and then the third piece114600:45:05,579 --> 00:45:10,949of this is support so with education and114700:45:09,359 --> 00:45:12,689implementation that's all great but what114800:45:10,949 --> 00:45:14,159happens if they have a question midweek114900:45:12,689 --> 00:45:15,599or they have a question that holds them115000:45:14,159 --> 00:45:17,819back and they don't really understand115100:45:15,599 --> 00:45:19,319what it is you taught having an open115200:45:17,819 --> 00:45:21,239channel for that feedback and that115300:45:19,319 --> 00:45:23,249dialogue and helping them move through115400:45:21,239 --> 00:45:26,579those obstacles it's incredibly115500:45:23,249 --> 00:45:28,739important and that's what I recommend as115600:45:26,579 --> 00:45:30,209well as the three pieces inside of a115700:45:28,739 --> 00:45:35,130good offer to bring a client through115800:45:30,209 --> 00:45:39,989that transformation that is so so so115900:45:35,130 --> 00:45:42,599tremendously valuable I feel like wow116000:45:39,989 --> 00:45:44,309that that was a massive gem and to116100:45:42,599 --> 00:45:46,859everybody who's listening watching I116200:45:44,309 --> 00:45:48,839would highly encourage you to actually116300:45:46,859 --> 00:45:53,159go back and listen to that a couple of116400:45:48,839 --> 00:45:56,069times because Rachel seriously just laid116500:45:53,159 --> 00:45:58,589it out on a silver bottle like that was116600:45:56,069 --> 00:46:00,419awesome so thank you for dropping that116700:45:58,589 --> 00:46:04,169MADD value that was like seriously cool116800:46:00,419 --> 00:46:08,039I want to try to I'm gonna try to like116900:46:04,169 --> 00:46:09,839even go a little deeper into that I want117000:46:08,039 --> 00:46:14,759to do a live case study if you're cool117100:46:09,839 --> 00:46:17,219with that well so I have an idea and I117200:46:14,759 --> 00:46:20,880would love to like build out that117300:46:17,219 --> 00:46:22,409framework real-time because I think117400:46:20,880 --> 00:46:24,249that'd be super valuable and I think117500:46:22,409 --> 00:46:29,089it'd also be super fun okay so117600:46:24,249 --> 00:46:31,420we're live streaming right now to 18117700:46:29,089 --> 00:46:35,209different platforms all at the same time117800:46:31,420 --> 00:46:39,079massively cool super epic right and I117900:46:35,209 --> 00:46:40,880feel like that is an ability to like the118000:46:39,079 --> 00:46:43,729ability to do that is something that a118100:46:40,880 --> 00:46:47,479lot of companies would really love to do118200:46:43,729 --> 00:46:50,150because you can 10x your reach overnight118300:46:47,479 --> 00:46:51,920I mean it takes a lot to get to the part118400:46:50,150 --> 00:46:54,289where you can then flip the switch but118500:46:51,920 --> 00:46:56,569once you flip the switch BAM 10x your118600:46:54,289 --> 00:46:58,969reach that is like a promise that you118700:46:56,569 --> 00:47:04,849can make like dramatically increase your118800:46:58,969 --> 00:47:06,380reach right so would it be like a like a118900:47:04,849 --> 00:47:10,929package that you could put together to119000:47:06,380 --> 00:47:13,670be like hey podcasters or youtubers or119100:47:10,929 --> 00:47:18,279content creators you know whoever this119200:47:13,670 --> 00:47:21,019target audience is we will take you from119300:47:18,279 --> 00:47:25,660doing everything like recording it and119400:47:21,019 --> 00:47:28,219then publishing it to doing it live in119500:47:25,660 --> 00:47:31,489multi-streaming to 18 different119600:47:28,219 --> 00:47:32,900platforms at once is that a good like119700:47:31,489 --> 00:47:35,529like how would you go through that119800:47:32,900 --> 00:47:39,819process with that offer like with that119900:47:35,529 --> 00:47:39,819backstory if you totally120000:47:45,490 --> 00:47:52,359really really well famous for what you120100:47:47,680 --> 00:47:54,130do yes somebody who is we know who were120200:47:52,359 --> 00:47:56,910talking about okay so we're talking120300:47:54,130 --> 00:48:02,609about Sally the sales consultant120400:47:56,910 --> 00:48:06,579Sally is 33 years old Sally makes120500:48:02,609 --> 00:48:08,619between six to seven thousand like like120600:48:06,579 --> 00:48:11,290between between five to ten thousand120700:48:08,619 --> 00:48:14,530thousand dollars a month as a consultant120800:48:11,290 --> 00:48:18,270she sells packages that are like two120900:48:14,530 --> 00:48:20,859thousand five thousand ten thousand and121000:48:18,270 --> 00:48:24,849she is looking to start a new podcast121100:48:20,859 --> 00:48:26,619about sales in order to spread awareness121200:48:24,849 --> 00:48:31,140for her brand in order to get more121300:48:26,619 --> 00:48:31,140people into those higher ticket items.

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